Monday, September 06, 2010

Don Don Ramen At Don Too - Part 2

340 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: (03) 9670 7113

"Are you the blogger that wrote about us?" asked a waitress at Don Too on my last visit there with Adrian, Chris, Sarah, Sandra and Ling. The waitress must have noticed me from my previous visits to Don Too. From all the photos that I was taking of the food, she probably assumed I was more than your average food lover. So I answered her question in the affirmative, to which she went away and came back with a free bottle of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. That was nice, it's not often I get recognised as a food blogger.

While everyone else went for the Charshu ramen (extra pork), I decided to give the Laksa ramen a try as it sounded interesting. The Laksa ramen contained a massive prawn with the beautiful gooey egg as well. It was actually good, tasting like a spicy laksa mixed with a ramen. Having said that, I think the Charshu ramen is superior and would prefer that.

Another ramen that I had tried previously and love just as much as the Charshu ramen is the Asari ramen (pippis). I absolutely adore pippis so hence loved this. The broth has a much stronger seafood flavour, and may not be to everyone's liking. But for me personally, I love that rich seafood flavour and the bowl contained a lot of pippis, just look at all the leftover shells.

I asked the waitress why the owner had decided to take such a risk and open a ramen only shop with a fairly small range available, essentially 5 ramen (pork, miso, pippi, marinara, laksa) and 3 sides of salmon sashimi, gyoza and salad. The waitress said the owner felt like doing ramen as there weren't too many in Melbourne. I hope that they succeed as the ramen is good and there definitely aren't too many good ramen places in Melbourne. I'll be going back for sure.

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  1. I must make my way down soon. I am so missing out. BIG time!

  2. I heart Don Too! The pipi and laksa ramen were not bad at all but my favourite would have to be the extra char shu ramen, with 2 chilli balls!

  3. Penny and Michelle, you must go there soon. So yum.

    Ling, go for three chilli balls next time.

  4. how nice of them to give u the complimentary wine!
    I love the chilli ball with my ramen too :]

  5. Food bloggers are the new rock stars. This place sounds pretty darn tempting. Might have to give the their ramen a go

  6. Hey Gilbert, how have you been? It was really nice of them to give the wine, I really appreciated it. And the chilli ball is sensationally hot.

    Maria, I like the way you think. Love being a rock star haha.

  7. ive been great thanh, thanks for asking. Keep up the blogging!

  8. Good to hear Gilbert. I shall definitely keep blogging. Keep your eyes open for an exciting event coming soon that I'm organising. Make sure you attend so I can meet you in person.