Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Readership Survey

Inspired by The Amateur Gourmet's post on his readers, I'm also interested to know who reads this blog.

This humble blog is by no means as popular as The Amateur Gourmet, but we do try our best. I say WE because this is a collaborative blog, although I, Thanh, do put up the most post. It was Alan from Photo Finish who initially suggested to me that we do a group blog. I then thought of a food blog, since the bloggers who I had met (through their blogs but not in real life yet) all seemed to be interested in food. Hence this blog was formed. You can read about the contributors here. We are a very diverse bunch in terms of age, interests, location and food experience.

The most involved with food is Choo. Choo actually owned a restaurant and ran one at one time in Singapore. The rest of us just enjoy eating. I personally am a terrible cook but love to eat. My ultimate job would one day to be a food critic or food writer. This is very different from my current job as an engineer. But who knows, life is unpredictable, it could happen. If not, I will just keep enjoying food and reading about it on other blogs and writing about it on this blog.

Now that you know some more about me, tell me something about yourself. It can be whatever you like that is related to food I guess but a few of the details below would also help me understand what type of people read this blog and why.

Please let me know
How are you involved with food:
What types of food you like and why:
Any good food blogs you recommend:
Anything else you would like to comment about:

Hopefully there will be a few responses. Don't be shy, no one will eat you, unless you're made of chocolate. :-)

Let me be the first to do the survey.
Name: Thanh
Location: Melbourne
Age: 26
Sex: Male

How are you involved with food: I just like eating a lot and try to eat as many different types of food as possible. I write a food blog and that's is as far as my professional involvement with food is.

What types of food do you like and why: Being a Chinese growing up in Australia, I enjoy a variety of food. It needn't be expensive food, but it has to be good food. I am not afraid to eat anything and will give anything a try. I do enjoy Chinese food the most I guess since I did grow up eating that. I love eating desserts the most and can't resist them.

Any good food blogs you recommend: The blogs that I personally read every couple of days are on the links section on the side of this blog. I'm constantly looking for more food blogs to read. The blogs that I enjoy most are those that show people's personality. They will talk about their own lives and how food is involved rather than just doing professional posts about the technical aspects of food.

Anything else you would like to comment about: I would love to meet some other food bloggers in Melbourne and go out for meals, gatherings and events.


  1. Name: Mellie
    Location: Melbourne
    Age: 32
    Sex: Female
    How are you involved with food: I am just an enthusiastic and avid foodie who likes to blog. I enjoy sourcing produce, cooking said produce, and then feeding it to my family and friends (I am just thrilled when they ask for seconds!). I love to eat out too. And take photos of food...dang, I could go on :-)
    What types of food you like and why: Absolutely all types - will give anything a go, at least once.
    Any good food blogs you recommend: I have a particular interest in supporting Melbourne food bloggers, a list of which can be found on my own blog at
    Anything else you would like to comment about: You have a wonderful blog here at I Eat Therefore I Am - I enjoy reading it immensly (BTW, love your YODA t-shirt). And I'd certainly be interested in catching up with fellow food bloggers for lunch/dinner/foodie events.

  2. Hi Mellie, firstly thanks for commenting. Phew, there's at least one reader of this blog.

    Secondly, I will definitely be visiting your site. I've been looking to meet other Melbournian Food Bloggers. I'm so jealous of the Sydney Group with Helen and Veruca and Rebecca etc (I feel like I know them personally from their blogs) who meet up all the time for food events.

    How did you come by my Yoda T-Shirt? I don't think I mentioned it on this food blog at all?

  3. Hi again - I'm sure you have quite a few readers/lurkers out there. Us bloggers can be a shy lot sometimes ;-)

    Yes, perhaps we should organise a blogging gathering at some stage? You may be interested to know that some Melbourne bloggers are getting together on Thu 8 Mar 07 to discuss all things food blogging. I can't make it (I work full time), but if you're free it would be good to meet some like-minded individuals.

    There is a picture of you in your Yoda T-shirt in your post about the Sydney Road festival (which I unfortunately didn't make it to). You should make up a couple and sell them on ebay :-)

  4. Mellie, I guess you have to feel like you start to know the person before you feel comfortable to comment. I read food blogs for about 3 months before I started to comment on them.

    I would love to go to the gathering, but unfortunately I already promised a friend I would attend her Amway party this Thursday.

    That's right, I forgot I just posted that post with the t-shirt. I thought you did the survey before I posted that. Lots of people have suggested I sell the t-shirts, but I don't think they're good enough or I would make a profit. The t-shirts alone cost $12, plus all the paint and time to print. Unless there were specific requests for a t-shirt, I don't think I will be making any more.

  5. Name: Mandy
    Location: Cape Town, South Africa
    Age: late 20s
    Sex: Female
    How are you involved with food: Just like to eat. :) I became a vegetarian 8 years ago so my menu options have become very limited (partly because restaurants have no imagination), but I remain interested in food. I also write the occasional restaurant review (with a vegetarian leaning, of course) for my own web site -, although I'm such a novice at it that it's kinda funny.
    What types of food you like and why: Asian and Mediterranean/Italian dishes. South Africa has a great food culture (especially in Cape Town), but most of it is meat based so now I miss out.
    Any good food blogs you recommend: This is the only one I read regularly.
    Anything else you would like to comment about: I like to visit your site because Melbourne is on my list of places to visit and I love Asian food - I just can't eat most of it anymore. So it's a vicarious thing, I guess. And a great "slice of life" blog from across the ocean.

  6. Mandy, thanks for doing the survey. If I may ask, why did you start to be a vegetarian. I have to honestly say that I love eating meat, and am always intrigued why people become vegetarians. Is it for health reasons, religous reasons, moral reasons? I ask this because a lot of vegetarians then go and eat food thats made to look and taste like meat, in which case, I just say why not eat meat.

    We're all novices at this food reviewing game. I just write what I think. Even reviewers who are professional, who's to say that their taste is correct while ours isn't. Taste is such a subjective thing that is not easily measured.

    You should definitely come to Melbourne and try out the food. There's so much variety from all cultures, and most of the food is quite authentic in style too. Hopefully you will keep enjoying our blog.

  7. I became a vegetarian for moral reasons, over about a six-month period. It was difficult for me to give up chicken, LOL.

    I've been one now for about 8 years.

  8. Mandy, if you come to Melbourne, you will definitely be able to find vegetarian chicken in any Asian grocery store. The Asian grocery stores also carry vegetarian abalone, lobster, prawns and fish cakes. They're all made from bean type products but are shaped and made to smell like meat substitutes.

  9. Name: Anonymous!!!
    Location: Melbourne
    Age: 38
    Sex: Male

    How are you involved with food: I am a chef/owner who has worked in the industry for twenty years. I am very passionate about food and I dislike self-proclaimed foodies with no idea about the blood, sweat and tears that go in to the industry!!!

    Any good food blogs you recommend:
    Tummy rumbles is quite good, decent photos, interesting travels, reviews and opinions. Your's on the other hand is terrible. You are practically illiterate and a waste of space on the world wide web.

    Anything else you would like to comment about: I work eighty hours a week in my kitchen. I despise your pathetic blog and whenever I get a moments peace from my hectic day I enjoy defacing your website before going home to my wife and family!!!

  10. Anonymous, I'm glad that your passionate about food. I am too, and am slowly learning. I never proclaimed myself to be a "foodie", just that I enjoy my food.

    Tummy Rumbles is one of my favourite blogs too. Danny and Mellie are really nice people who were one of the first to encourage me to keep writing.

  11. You are such a tool!!!

    This is a collaborative blog from amateur "foodies" across the globe.

    You claim to be a foodie at the top of the page of your own shitty little blog!!!

    You wanka

  12. Anonymous, again, why the need to resort to slander. I'm not calling you anything rude.

    You notice the fact that we decided to use the word foodie in quotation marks. There's a reason for that.

    This is your last chance. If you're going to insult me rather than address whatever gripe you have, I will just delete your comments.

  13. In order to avoid any further confusions, I, Oblivion will no longer be using Anonymous as my ID. I have humbly handed to this mantle to the our new guest commenter Anonymous the Chef and expert food critic.

    Please join me in welcoming our new friends to this open and free speech blog.

    And don't YOU delete his comments Mr. Do. A wanka is not a bad person, why are you telling me no one here's every flogged the log?