Thursday, May 10, 2007

Home Made Sushi

So I'm currently going through a Japanese food phase. I can't seem to get enough of sushi and sashimi. Recently, I had discoverd that you can buy soft shell crab from the Asian groceries. This made me think of the excellent soft shell crab sushi rolls that I had at Koko. So I tried making some soft shell crab sushi rolls amongst other more common types.

Here is the results. The sushi rolls taste as good as they look. There's a couple of variety on the plate. The various different combinations I chose were:
* Salmon sashimi, carrot and cucumber
* Cooked prawn, avocado and cucumber
* Salmon sashimi, cooked prawn, avocado, carrot and cucumber
* Soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber and carrot

Just a few simple ingredients and you mix and match. The soft shell crab sushi tasted wonderful with a little dab of Japanese mayo and optional lemon. The other rolls tasted good with mayo too but I prefer them with soy sauce and extra hot wasabi.


  1. Soft shell crab sushi sounds AMAZING.

  2. Hey Mel, soft shell crab sushi tastes amazing. The only thing that could have improved it was to have some fish roe. I have to find where I can buy those. Then I can put some on top and that burst of saltiness would have made it perfect.

  3. Where do you get the soft shell crab!!! I wanna get it too. As for fish roe, the korean/japanese shops in boxhill have them.

    I hvn't d/led the pictures from the camera, but once i do i will email.

    Also avery belated Happy Birthday!

  4. Cenmrk, well I know that this Asian grocery store that sells all these frozen things have them. They are in Springvale in the big double story building (top level) along Buckingham Avenue where Golden Leaf yum cha is. But I'm sure lots of grocers in Box Hill will have them too. Just looks for shops that sell frozen stuff. I know that Box Hill has a shop that sell frozen stuff. Its next to the railway. If you know where the Optus shop is, sort of diagonal from the TAB, if you follow that road down a bit, you'll come across a shop that sell frozen stuff like Shanghai dumplings (excellent) and numerous other things. I'm sure they'll sell frozen soft shell crab too.

    As for the fish roe, I'll have a look at the Japanese/Korean grocers next time I'm in Box Hill. I think it will definitely give the sushi another dimension.

    Thanks, I had a very good birthday indeed.