Sunday, December 02, 2007

Thuan and Phuong's Wedding

November must be a good month for Asian Weddings. After going to Kheang and Leanne's Wedding the previous week, it was my cousin Thuan and his bride Phuong's wedding the following week. The previous week, three other work mates also had Asian weddings to go to. It must have something to do with the day being a "good" day, where some Chinese horoscope reader says that it is a day when the Gods are smiling.

My cousin's wedding started off with a tea ceremony.

Here is my cousing Jenny and my aunty posing like statues with the incense.

The bride and groom then pray to the Gods outside, with a "celebrant" leading the proceedings.

Here is Phuong in her beautiful dress and Thuan in his smart modern suit.

Then the bride and groom literally served tea to all the elders, who then wished them luck in their new journey with a red packet.

The reception was held at Star Receptions. The reception hall was very large, with a star studded ceiling. From the outside, it looked like a huge flying saucer sitting atop a building.

Here's my sister Tu and mum snacking on prawn crackers while waiting for things to start. Asian weddings are notorious for running late. For the record, the bridal party did not arrive till about 8:30pm despite things supposedly starting at 7pm. Food didn't start till about 9pm, at which stage I was on the verge of fainting (I exaggerate but I was really hungry).

Here I am with my little cousin Michael, smiling our way through our hunger.

There must be a rule that wedding menus must be exactly the same, because we got served the same food (minus the abalone dish) as what I had last week at Kheang's wedding. However, here is where the catering company matters. Whereas last week's food was all good, most of the dishes this week were more misses than hits.

Crab Claw.

Shark Fin Soup with some red vinegar in it.

Lobster with ginger and spring onions on a bed of noodles.

The cake looked spectacular, multilayered and full of colour.

It was comprised of little individual cakes, which everyone got to take home. Here though, is a case of style without substance. The cakes tasted not so good, and I still have 1.5 cakes remaining of my two cake haul and it's already been more than a week since the wedding. And regular readers will know what a cake monster I am.

And to finish, a photo of the newlyweds doing their bridal waltz. Here's to wishing Thuan and Phuong all the happiness in their new lives.


  1. You seemed to have fun going to wedding of a cousin you never knew you had!!

    Well at least there was free food of course.

    I'm sure they'll be happy to find a collar button in your red pocket.

  2. I knew I had this cousin, just no one alerted me to his wedding until last minute.

    I put way more than a collar button, I put three collar buttons, just in case you lose one.

  3. Funny and ironic that our blogger friend is the last person to be married in his big family.

    Introducing SHARON!!!!

  4. So funny, you're the one who is obsessed about Sharon.