Thursday, March 05, 2015

Taste of Prahran Market - Great Event

I attend this event as a guest of Prahran Market.

This year, as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, I was invited to attend the Prahran Market 'Taste of Prahran Market' event. I've been to previous year's events at Prahran Market and they've been wonderful. You can check out Prahran Market Event 2013 and Prahran Market Event 2014. The idea of this year's event was that you had a book of vouchers, which you use to go collect items from all over the market. Armed with the book and a paddle board to hold the drinks and food, I-Hua, Aaron, Agnes and I started to plot out our strategy to #eatallthethings at the market.

Our strategy was to start with all the deli and seafood items first as they're lighter. So off we went to collect all the deli items. We didn't think that each item would actually consist of so much food, so we had to find a table to first eat the deli items. As we devoured the really delicious cured meats, pickled vegetables and cheeses, each of us would take turns to go grab more food while the others held the table. The oysters were super fresh and so good with the sriracha and lemon. Equally good were the skewers of grilled scallops and prawns, again so fresh. As we were near the pop-up restaurant area, we also go the empanadas. They were good but a bit salty.

Cleo's Deli - mini chacuterie plate
Chaso's Deli - mini antipasto plate
Cheese Shop Deli - mini cheese board
Theo and Sons - 2 freshly shucked oysters with lemon
Prahran Seafoods - 2 cooked scallops with tartare sauce
El Alamo - Empanada with chimichurri sauce (beef or spinach and mushroom)

Next up, we ventured back into the Blanco demo kitchen area to eat all the meats. We sampled everything and I absolutely loved the beef shaslik and the lamb kofta. The meats were so flavoursome. While eating our meats, we sampled more Punt Road wines and Nepoleon cider. The apple cider I had was so refreshing and I really enjoyed the Pinot Noir too.

Gary's Quality Meats - free range Berksire ham with onion jam on a slice of Noisette baguette
Neil's Meats - pulled pork with a Kook's Kitchen salad
Ian's Quality Meats - lamb kofta with tzatziki
J & L Quality Meats - beef shaslik
Napoleon apple and pear cider
Punt Road wines

Lastly, it was time for dessert. By this stage we were all struggling badly. There was just way too much food. But we pushed on and had some refreshing gelato, before taking home the baklawa and chocolate. I had those at home and loved them.

Fritz Gelato - raspberry rumble gelato cup
Abla's Patisserie - traditional Lebanese baklawa
Cioccolato Lombardo - handmade artisan chocolate

Sadly we missed out on the pistachio ball and dolmade as we were just way too full to even more.

Naheda's Choice - Naheda's hand made date and pistachio ball served with Brie
Sweet Greek - Dolmade and Keftethe with tzatziki

The event was such a great idea as it made you explore the market and learn about all the vendors. Everything was absolutely delicious and the event was well run. There weren't any real hiccups and people were clearly enjoying themselves. I highly recommend attending future events the market holds and coming to the market to pick up really high quality produce and food.


  1. Ohh Abla's baklava, makes my heart melt... What an awesome event though, so jealous you got to eat all the things!!

  2. I've been on one of the guided tours of Prahran Market before, and it's such an experience! The vendors are amazing, and it's great to get to meet them in person.

  3. Pity the tour does not include the Health Bowl.
    A great cafe with a variety of meals, snacks, drinks yogurts. Products sourced from Prahran Market vendors :)