Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Patchi Chocolates

This is an old post from my other blog More Thanh Words which I have decided to group here as it is about food.

I've already done a post on chocolates before but I love them so much I thought I would do another one. The other chocolates were from Koko Black and were quite nice. But these chocolates are from Patchi, located in Melbourne Central.

The Koko Black chocolates are thin shells of chocolate with different centres. Most of the centres were too sweet and not that good. You couldn't really taste the quality of the chocolate. These chocolates from Patchi are just pure chocolate, milk and dark, with different nuts or creams made from nuts. They're extremely expensive, $110 per kilogram, and I always flip flop between thinking they're not worth it and then thinking they're worth it. The chocolates are so smooth and rich without being sugary and overpowering. At those moments when I'm eating them, I think its money well spent, because one or two a day will satisfy me. However, when I'm not eating them, I think that spending about $1.50 - $2 for a tiny piece of chocolate is such a waste. I could do so much more with that money, I could nearly buy a whole block of Cadbury chocolate. Oh well, I guess we have to indulge ourselves every once in a while. It's not like I'm eating these chocolates all the time. Just every month or two when I go and buy them.

Above: Little bars of silver and gold chocolate bars from Patchi.

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