Thursday, November 02, 2006

Home Made Spring Rolls

Spring rolls, the Asian type and not those huge things that come in a plastic packet and completely made of cabbage, are a delicous food item. They are easy and inexpensive to make, compared to when you order them at a restaurant and a dish of 6 tiny cost about $8.

To make the actual spring rolls, here are the ingredients that you need, althought you can omit or add anything you like:

*Spring roll sheets
*Pork mince
*Water chestnuts

You basically mix everthing together in a bowl and then put a bit of meat onto a spring roll sheet and roll together. A dab of flour and water mixture helps hold the whole spring roll together. Fry them in oil and they're ready to eat.

To eat the spring rolls, either eat them with sweet chilli sauce, or have it as a whole meal with some salad and vermicelli. To eat with salad, just your typical supermarket lettuce mix will do. Some sliced cucumber and some spring onions mixed into some hot oil to help keep the vermicelli smooth.

You have to eat the whole thing with the famous Vietnamese fish sauce mixture, called nuoc nam.

To make nuoc nam you need:

*Good fish sauce, about $4-$5 a bottle
*Lemon juice
*Chopped garlic
*Chopped chilli
*Julienned carrots a

Mix all the ingredients together to your liking.

Then you just put a bit of everything into a bowl and there you have it, your own home made spring rolls with vermicelli, salad and nuoc nam. Delicious!

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