Sunday, July 08, 2007

Little Lamb - Part 2

Little Lamb is a very popular buffet hot pot place in Box Hill. I had gone previously when it just opened. Since then, I have gone back another 3 times, with yesterday nights meal being the 4th time all up.

There's nothing too special about Little Lamb, but it is great value for money. For $20, you can eat until your hearts desires (generally more than you stomach can actually hold but I resisted temptation yesterday so wasn't in pain all night with a bloated stomach) and that includes desserts even. There are other hot pot places that have similar buffet, but the service here is fast so it means your food actually arrives for starters, and that you don't have to sit around waiting. The quality of the food is quite good too. The various meat balls, fish balls etc are all frozen, but at least the squid balls taste good.

The place is getting so popular now that everytime I have been there since, even with a booking, you still have to wait a bit. This last time, we waited about 15 minutes. Then we got seated at the table which hadn't been set yet. The service standards have dropped a little just due to the number of patrons. It took a while to get some tea and also bowls, chopsticks and serviettes. The soup and food had arrived and was sitting there bubbling away but we had nothing to eat them with. I guess they have food serving part working, just the peripherals aren't working so well.

Anyway, it was still a good meal on a very cold night. Your stomach gets warmed by the hot pot food and for those that like spicy, the spicy side of the soup mix gives an added kick to everything. Just be careful to not go talking too quickly with food in your mouth as the chillies in the soup tend to make you start choking (like I did a couple of times yesterday night :-) ).


  1. Maybe I am too sensitive to words.

    I won't call my restaurant "Little Lamb" and neither would I enter one!

    1) I don't like lambs.
    2) Worse, I don't take the youngs
    of animals eg. suckling pigs,
    etc. The little pigs have no
    chance to grow up and enjoy
    the world.

  2. Choo, I guess Little Lamb isn't the best name. In Chinese though, the restaurant name literally translates to Small Tail Lamb so maybe it was just bad translation.