Monday, April 05, 2010

Momotaro Rahmen

392 Bridge Road
Richmond VIC 3121
Ph: (03) 9421 1661

I've been loving ramen ever since Elegant Gourmand (aka Dan) from Tummy Rumbles started writing about it. His heavenly descriptions of the dish with all it's various components just drew me in to this Japanese favourite. When I read his review about Momotaro Rahmen, I knew where my next ramen adventure was to be.

Momotaro Rahmen is a small cafe style place which specialises in just a few different dishes, one of which being ramen. The decor is very minimal and the crowd in the room are all there for a quick feed.

Adrian and I shared a plate of gyoza and both tried the Char Shu Ramen. The gyoza is good, but I was eagerly awaiting the ramen. Dan had informed me that it wasn't the fatty type of ramen and more a cleaner flavour. He was spot on. The ramen is a much cleaner style, with the pork being leaner pork, and the broth being a clear base. It was good in its own way, but not for me. I definitely prefer the fatty pork broth style ramen such as can be found at Ramen-Ya.

I look forward to trying more ramen around Melbourne to hopefully find a variety of good ramen. If you have any suggestions for a place that serves good ramen, I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. I love momotaro! you def have to try the spicy ramen there. The soup is alot more thicker and tasty IMO. I crave for them esp at colder nights.

  2. Hey Glamourette, thanks for the tip. I shall make sure I try the spicy ramen if I'm there next time. I'm constantly craving ramen nowadays.

  3. I really have to get out and about to try some of the ramens Dan has mentioned. Glad of your opinions on the Momotaro one.