Saturday, August 01, 2009


Shop 25G Postal Lane, GPO
350 Bourke Street
Ph: (03) 9654 5838

Due to reading about Dan's obsession with Ramen, I too have become obsessed with Ramen. I'm trying Ramen at every Japanese restaurant I go to when it's available. It's all rubbish though, taste more like two minute noodels. Haven't never been to Japan to try the real stuff, I don't know what it should be like. When Dan claimed that Ramen-Ya did pretty good ramen, I was there.

I've been to Ramen-Ya twice now and I really like the Tonkotsu Chashu Ramen. The broth is rich and full of flavour. And the pork is soft and full of flavour. The condiments in the egg, pickled ginger, spring onions, pickled radish and seaweed all combine to make it even better. I also tried the Gyoza, which too were very good. They were more like a Har Gow that you have at Yum Cha rather than the usual Gyoza, but was very nice.

Adrian, who has been to Japan, said the ramen was good, but obviously not as good as in Japan. He would go back to Ramen-Ya to eat the ramen though, so that's a good validation.

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  1. Hi Thanh

    As a fellow ramen lover, I can say Ramen-Ya has some of the best ramen I've eaten outside of Japan.

    Even my mother in law, who normally backs away from any kind of asian cuisine, loves this place!

  2. I definitely thought it was good ramen, but since I haven't eaten the ramen in Japan, I didn't know how good it really is. I will definitely be going back there for more ramen.