Saturday, July 31, 2010

Heston's Feast Returns August 19th SBS ONE 8:30pm

Image from SBS

The first series of Heston's Feast was an absolute delight. I loved it so much and watched every episode twice. It was amazing to watch such a talented experimental chef like Heston Blumenthal try to recreate (and usually successfully) some medieval feasts. My favourites were definitely the snow scene dessert, the exploding orgasmic pudding and the chicken crossed with the pig.

Now, I'm happy to find out that there is a second series of Heston's Feast, which promises to be even bigger and better. It starts on August 19th on SBS ONE at 8:30pm. Do yourself a favour and catch the series, it's should be fantastic. Below is a summary of this series adventures.

In each episode, Heston explores a period of extraordinary gastronomic innovation, recreating 'lost' recipes, and discovering forgotten flavours and ingredients. He also travels to remote areas to source unusual foods and along the way he meets some passionate food experts who help him in his quest. He then uses his unique scientific approach to cooking to assemble his own versions of great historical and mythical feasts.

Among the lavish banquets Heston prepares for series two are a Willie Wonka feastbased on Roald Dahl's famous novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, an Edwardian Titanic Feast, a Fairytale feast inspired by his favourite stories which thrilled and scared him as a child, and Heston goes ghoulish in an eye-popping Gothic feast that takes inspiration from iconic works of horror such as Frankenstein, Dracula and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

The culmination of each of Heston's culinary quests is a spectacular banquet laid on for a boisterous bunch of diners.


  1. OH YAY! I LOVED the first season too. Didnt know there was a second. I eagerly await it now

  2. Maria, I loved the first season too. Can't wait for this to start. Now that you have mastered the snow egg, maybe you should move onto Heston's feast recipes?