Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reminder: Sydney & Melbourne Food Bloggers ‘Mad Hatter’ Spring Picnic October 9th 2010 - Many Prizes, Even A KitchenAid

Hello again fellow Melbourne food bloggers. If you hadn't already heard, we're having a "Mad Hatter" spring picnic on October 9th. Not only will it be a great day where we can all meet up, discuss food and try each other's creations, you can even win some prizes. So register for the event, bring along a dish and join me for some mad picnicing (I know that's not a word).

For Melbourne food bloggers, REGISTER HERE for invite details.

* Overall Best Dish for both Sydney & Melbourne Food Bloggers Spring Picnic 2010
* Best Savoury (1st and 2nd runner up)
* Best Sweet (1st and 2nd runner up)
* Best Mad Hatters (2 x craziest hatters)
* Most Outrageous Blue Dishh

Prizes include a KitchenAid for the best dish in each state and various vouchers for other winning category entries.

What and How
1. All food bloggers are encouraged to cook/bake ONE DISH only, savoury or sweet, is up to you.
2. The dish has to be created by you, NOT your friend, store bought or pre-processed/cooked.
3. Only food bloggers are allowed to enter to win the prize. Family/friends are encouraged to help food bloggers with their cooking endeavours but not to partake.
4. You are welcomed to create the dish ties in with the 'Mad Hatter' theme, but not important.
5. You do not have to wait for the judges to come and taste your food before others do. Feel free to share with others and simply save us a small portion for judging will do.
6. There will be a lot of dishes to judge on that day, so please be patient and we will try to run the process as fast as we can.
7. Judges in Sydney - Billy Law @ A Table For Two, Karen @ Citrus and Candy, Sarah from Nuffnang. Judges in Melbourne - Michele @ Iron Chef Shellie, Penny @ Jeroxie, Thahn @ I Eat tTerefore I Am, Vanessa from Nuffnang.
8. Judges decisions are final.
9. Prizes are non transferable or refundable.
10. Most importantly, have fun!

Thanks to all our sponsors for making it all happen.

Major Sponsor

Sydney Sponsors
Chef's Armoury, Kingsley, Chophouse, Alio, MUMU, Aperitivo, Wasamedia, Bel Mondo, Balzac

Melbourne Sponsors
Chef's Armoury, Pan Asian, Chilli Padi, The French Brasserie, JORG, Make My Day, Harvey Publicity


  1. You're welcom Live2Eat. I hope you can come on the day.

  2. wonder what i should make??? ...hmm. maybe i'll bake something...
    ooo flourless choc cake? though would have to make that in the very early morning...

  3. Whatever you make, just make it good. You better share any prizes you win with me :-)