Friday, October 08, 2010

Photography Friday #11 - Swiss Bliss 2

Following from my previous Photography Friday #10 - Swiss Bliss, today I bring you some more mundane sights from Switzerland in "Swiss Bliss 2". Unfortunately, there was beautiful sunshine on the days I had to work, but when I got to go out, it was raining cats and dogs. It made taking photos a bit hard, but I did capture some nice photos of people in the rain. The other thing that struck me was all the pretty flowers that were around the place, so I snapped a photo of the strange looking purple flower. Finally, Swiss people seem to really like their coat hangers and hanging up their coats, they were everywhere.


  1. i like the coat hangers idea. always have trouble finding somewhere to hang coats =P

  2. how pretty is that flower!
    My dad is Swiss, yet I've never noticed the coat hangers when I was over there. It was about 9 years since I was last there though!

  3. Allan, they definitely have a lot of coat hangers in Switzerland.

    Michele, those purple flowers were so amazingly beautiful. I noticed the coat hangers everywhere as I never seem to see any in Australia. When you go back you might notice them now.