Friday, October 01, 2010

Photography Friday #10 - Swiss Bliss

Following from my previous Photography Friday #9 - The Windy City 2, today I bring you some more mundane sights from Switzerland in "Swiss Bliss". Like my previous destination of Chicago, Switzerland, or at least Zug, Baar, Lucern and Zurich were all amazingly clean and very beautiful. Instead of having tall skyscrapers, the buildings in Switzerland are still low rise and help to maintain that village type feel. The mountains and lakes make for a stunning place of natural beauty. I found the Swiss people very polite but according to locals, it's fine if you follow the strict legal and non-legal rules. But once you stray from those, things aren't as easy.


  1. What is that first picture of?

  2. I-Hua, first picture is of a 14,000 bottle wine tower about 4 storeys high in the middle of the Radisson hotel in Zurich. Each time a guest orders a bottle of wine, one of two "angels" get pulled up and down and does a show before getting the bottle of wine. Then they bring it to the table of the diner who ordered it.