Monday, September 04, 2006

5 things ... I must eat before I die.

Following Sesame in her article, "Five Things I Must Eat Before I Die" our group members thought it should be interesting if we could do an article likewise. We take things so much for granted. I guess, food is often on the minds of people.... which is why even prisoners with death sentences are given their special request for a last meal. Well, here goes my list...

1) My Mom's Nonya Curry Chicken. Presumably Mom learnt from her mother and we learnt from her. This signature hand-me-down secret recipe is a hot favourite with our invited guests. The curry will set your tongue a-dancing in a gentle won't have to do a rock-n-roll, maybe just a cha-cha for the spicyness is just nice. The curry goes well with fresh potatoes and goes well with rice or French loaves.

2) Fried Hokkien Mee cooked by ....drum roll.... Chef Kam Choo Choo.!!! It's my own recipe which I cocoted. As I do not like the fresh yellow noodles that are sold in the market, I cook it with spaghetti which is better in texture. The noodle does not get too soggy. It goes well with my own home-made sambal balachan. I cooked Fried Hokkien Mee for our missionaries in Nepal and each helped themselves to 4 plates.! That gives you the verdict for the taste.

3) My Sister-in-Law's Popular Nasi Lemak is something worth dying for! Her sambal udang, ikan bilis, and fried fish marinated with yellow ginger and spice go well with her rice which has just enough coconut milk. After trying her nasi lemak, all others pale in comparison.

4) Penang Fried Koay Teow. Penang is famous for her koay teow. Of course you have the famous ones which you can find out from the Tourist Promotion Board or from Penangnites themselves. It is no exaggeration to say that you can safely eat Penang Koay Teow anywhere, and it tastes good. I make good Penang Koay Teow myself, but having lived in Singapore, I have modified my cooking a little to suit the taste of my Singaporean friends.

5) Popiah. I can eat tons of it. It tastes so much better than salad. Good Chance Popiah is nice, but of course, nothing is better than home-cooked popiah. Once I was invited by Aunty Irene Lim who threw a popiah party. It was enjoyable to see the guests rolling their own popiah. I wished I had 5 stomachs to bury all those delicious popiahs!!!


  1. The way your stuffing your face nowadays, you be luck to be alive long enough to eat any 5 of those foods!