Monday, September 04, 2006

Ginger - "7th wonder of the world"

The Creator of this universe has given us so many wonderful herbs and plants.

Recently, my ex-staff Chong shared with me about the wonders of ginger. He and his family eat a few slices of fresh, raw ginger every morning before breakfast and just before bedtime. Chong claimed that ginger helps them to expel wind from the body, hence no one in the family, not even his aged parents have bone aches or arthritis.

Ginger also helps in nausea and vommitting, and even reduces painful menstrual periods. It is also good for treatment of common colds, flu and sore throat.

For those who find it difficult to take raw ginger, they can also use ginger for cooking eg. steamed fish, soups, curries, meat dumplings, etc.
Ginger helps to remove the fishy smell when it is used to steam fish.
Slices of raw ginger with vinegar complement meat dumplings and century eggs.

Since buying preserved ginger from the supermarket is pretty expensive (since I consume lots of it) I have made my own bottle of preserved ginger which readers can also emulate. Here is the recipe.

Preserved ginger (serve with assortment of cold dishes, century eggs and porridge.


1. One kilo of fresh, young, ginger
2. One bottle (half litre of white
3) one teaspoon of sugar
4) half teaspoon of salt


1. Remove skin of ginger and slice
2. Put ginger in bottles and fill up
vinegar, adding some sugar
and salt.
3. Keep airtight for about one
week before consuming.

Gan Chau

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