Friday, September 01, 2006

Blog Day 2006 - Retrospective

Well it turns out that yesterday, Thursday 31/8/2006 was actually World Blog Day. What you are supposed to do on World Blog day is recommend five other blogs so that people can enjoy more good blogs. Having just started blogging, I have never heard of this. I did see quite a few people write about it on their blogs. Since I have just started this blog, I didn't even think anyone was reading it, so I rarely check the email to see if there are comments. Apparently our blog has at least one reader, Mandy from Cape Town. Turns out Mandy had linked us, but she had forgotten to send us an email until that day, so I have to do my recommendation a day late. Well here are the recommended links I have chosen on behalf of the whole group since we are spread all over the world and it is very hard to communicate and come up with a group decision.

1. Chez pim is already a very popular blog but I do really like the style of writing from Pim. It's very informative and has loads of great photos. Also, since Pim attends so many different functions, I get to see the glamourous side of the food industry which I don't think I will be able to see in the short term, maybe one day.

2. Grab Your Fork is by Helen who is located in Sydney. Helen blogs very often and her posts are full of great food and photos. Her posts are very down to Earth and about regular averaged priced restaurants and food experiences that are very accessible to anyone.

3. Cream Puffs In Venice is written by Ivonne, who cooks lots and lots of great food. Ivonne's blog is more based around recipes that she cooks and then shares the results with great photos and the recipe details.

4. Dyske is not a food blog but is a great blog well worth a read. Dyske is run by Dyske Suematsu with other contributors. Most of the articles are written by Dyske and cover so many topics. He is very articulate and his views on so many things always makes me think.

5. Management Line is a blog about all issues related to work. It's written by Leon Gattler as part of The Age online newspaper. This blog is a great read for many issues that will be relevant to you and you will come across in your own working careers.

Well that's the first ever Blog Day recommendations from this blog. Hopefully there will be many more to come. Happy Retrospective Blog Day 2006.


  1. Thanks for doing that Thanh. Happy Retrospective Blog Day 2006 yourself old chap!

  2. No worries James. You can also write a retrospective blog day post too, recommending more sites. I'd be interested to find more good blogs to read.

  3. I'm so glad that you were able to take part in Blog Day celebrations ... and thanks for mentioning my blog! I actually have been reading your blog since you started it and follow you through bloglines.

    So keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks for your initial encouragement Ivonne to start this blog. I'm really getting into it and will post lots more in the future.

  5. Great choices! I look forward to exploring them.

    "Mandy from Cape Town" (hee hee :)