Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Comfort Foods When You're Sick

The past few days I haven't been feeling too well. And when you are sick, you tend to lose a bit of your appetite as well. The first day when I was feeling the worse, I couldn't stomach any rice at all, so instead ate my favourite comfort food when I'm sick, congee.

I usually have plain congee with an assortment of condiments. Some of my favourite condiments to go with congee are

*fermented tofu that you buy in jars
*dried prawns soaked in soy sauce
*pickled cucumber with chilli
*shredded dried pork
*canned dried fish
*thousand year old egg
*Chinese sausage
*Chinese donuts

Or sometimes if none of those things are available, just a plain bowl of congee with soy sauce tastes so good when you're sick.

I was discussing comfort foods when you are sick with my friend Emmanuel. He is of European background and he said his comfort foods were chicken soup and porridge. I guess porridge is a similar equivalent to congee, but you can have so many more condiments with congee. I also love soup when I'm sick, its so easy to eat when the thought of eating something solid makes you want to throw up sometimes.

What are your comfort foods when you are sick, anything particularly weird?


  1. Congee is definitely up there but for me it's a huge bowl of combination noodle soup. The more dumplings the better!

  2. Truffle, the other thing that I do eat while sick is some type of noodle soup. The soup based foods are much easier to stomach. Dumplings are nice, or some home made won tons, love those.

  3. My last cold I really took to natto, which I like anyway. It is so strong I was able to smell and taste it through the cold.

  4. Magnus, I've never tried natto but its fermented like the fermented tofu that I like to eat. Those things do have a very strong flavour that you can taste, otherwise with a cold, everything tastes rather bland.