Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Eating Pungent Food With Cultery

Today my work mate Keiran and I went and got lamb souvlaki for lunch, mmmm, delicious. Here is a photo of it below.

There's something odd about it you ask. No, its not the meat or salad, but that its on a plate. And its not on the plate for the sake of a photo, it's because I like to eat souvlaki on a plate with a knife and fork if possible. Keiran was the same, which was a bit strange since I don't know many other people who eat it like this.

In fact, I like to eat pizza, meat pies, garlic bread, and anything else that is pungent on a plate with a knife and fork. Don't get me wrong, I'm no clean freak who has to wash his hands 50 times a day. It's just that I have a very good sense of smell and if I eat foods that are pungent(especially those with garlic or onion in them) with my hands, I can wash it many times but I can always still smell the garlic or onion. Hamburgers are the same. If the burger is fairly dry like those from McDonalds, its ok if I just hold the wrapping. But burgers from your local take away tend to be full of oil and dripping oil, mayo and tomato sauce. I always hate it when all those sauces drip onto my hands and then they smell all day. So if possible, I will put it on a plate and eat it with a knife and fork. Even today when I used my knife and fork for the souvlake, I still managed to get some of the garlic sauce on my hands and they still smell of garlic now.

Another thing that I don't like to eat with my hands is durian. For those of you who have ever eaten or smelt durian, you will know how pungent it is. I love eating durian and the smell, but I don't like the smell on my hands all day. So instead of using my hands to hold the invidiual pieces, I always get a bowl and eat them with chopsticks.

Are there any food items you don't like to use your hands to eat, despite most other people eating it with their hands? Or am I just strange with not wanting to get these smells on my hands? I don't know how Indian people can eat curries with their hands. I would hate to have the smell of curries on my hands all day. I would really need to wash my hands 50 times a day if I were to eat curries with them at every meal.


  1. Although I don't eat - specifically - meat dishes as I am a vegetarian, I do eat pretty much any kind of wrap/pizza/whatever with a knife and fork as well. For more it's more because, although my orthodontist gave me a great smile, it's now difficult for me to bite into things properly.

    I can relate to your pungent problem, though.

  2. Sorry, I meant to say "... For *me* it's more..."

    (It's Friday!)

  3. Mandy, I can sympathise with your tooth problems. I snapped one of my front tooth ice skating so its actually dead and is just glued together. It makes it harder to bite things too, but I use a knife and fork mainly because I don't like the smell on my hands afterwards.