Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nonya Hut

Nonya Hut is located on Blackburn Road just before High Street Road. It made it into The Age Cheap Eats guide many years ago but has since slowly declined. I say this only from personal observation. Even a year and a half ago, it used to be so full on Friday at lunch time and we had to get there early to get a table. Last Friday's lunch, we got there and were the first people there. As the meal went by, a few other tables were filled but it was still quite empty.

So Tin (pictured below), Jeffrey, John and I went there for a cheap easy lunch. Nonya Hut serve Nonya style food (duh, why else would it be called Nonya Hut haha). Nonya is a cuisine style from Malaysia which is a blend of a few types of styels.

The lunch menu at Nonya Hut is quite small, so we usually come here when we want a particular type of food. I always go for the Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng or this Roti Chicken. The roti was crispy and not too sweet, which I like. The curry chicken is ok, with the chicken tender but the curry part had some flavour in it that I can't identify which was a bit too overpowering. Jeffrey reckons that the Curry Laksa is the best he has tried, although I tend to disagree. The Curry Laksa tastes like what my mum makes, but not as good hahaha.

So after the meal, we ate the complimentary colourful jelly cakes, which seemed to have also dropped in quality of late. I don't know if they have changed management or my tastes have become fussier, but everything doesn't taste as good anymore. Anyway, the four of us guys sat around to let the food settle and talked about other work colleagues, espeically management. When guys talk like this, its called networking, when girls do it, its gossiping. You decide what we were doing. Lets just say that I learnt from the guys some very interesting things about some other work colleagues of a more personal nature. Ok, I confess, we were gossiping. But it wasn't anything bad, just people's work styles that all, I swear. :-)

Nonya Hut is a good place to come for lunch. I wouldn't probably go for dinner as the range is quite limited, unless you particularly liked the dishes that they make.

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