Saturday, July 29, 2006

Welcome To "I Eat Therefore I Am"

Hi There Food Lover,

I thought I would update this profile since the composition of this blog has changed a lot since it was first conceived. So here goes.

Let me first introduce myself. I'm Thanh Do, engineer by day, baker by mid week, gluttonous diner by weekends and food blogger in between. I am consumed (boom boom, pun intended) by food. I love to eat it, read about it, discuss it, write about it, look at it, smell it and eat it again. I profess to no technical training in the field of cooking or writing about food. All opinions on this blog are my own humble thoughts.

I must thank Alan, from Photo Finish, who was the one who encouraged me to start this food blog. I haven't looked back since. Whilst the other contributors have stopped contributing to this site, I am even more enthusiastic about it. I've met so many wonderful people through this blog, all of whom love food as much as I do. A lot of those people are now my friends, who I invite over for meals and catch up with for food adventures around Melbourne. I always love to meet more people who want to explore more of Melbourne's food scene. Drop me an email if you want to catch up to do something.

Well, that pretty much sums up the story of this blog thus far. Yes, it's about food. Yes, it's about me. Hopefully, there's enough humour, information and discussion to keep you coming back. Your feedback is valued as it will drive more discussion and a greater understanding. I would love to hear your feedback whether you disagree or agree with me. Feel free to leave comments on any topic or send me an email if you want to discuss it privately.

So that's the end of my usual rambling. There's probably a tonne of speeling and grandmatical mistakes, but I'm sure you get the point.

And don't forget the motto

"I Eat Therefore I Am"

Thanh Do
2nd March 2010

Hello, thanks for visiting our blog "I Eat Therefore I Am". As you can see from the carefully chosen name for this blog, food is not just a way of staying alive, it's a philosophy in life. For those of you who don't understand the title, its copied from Rene Descartes' philosophy of "I Think, Therefore I Am". He believed that reality only existed if he thought about it and made sense of things. In our case, our reality is that we all enjoy food and it brings us pleasure. Food plays such a vital and major role in our lives, so why not enjoy it as much as possible and make it something that you look forward to.

This site is jointly contributed by many members across the globe. Most of us didn't know each other before we began our blogging journeys, but have since become to be friends, friends who all share a common passion for food. Hence an idea was born, that we should not let the barriers of distance stop us all from collaborating on a project that should be lots of fun. Hence, with the aid of the Internet, email, and MSN, this blog was born.

So far, the contributors (in order of gluttony down the list) to the blog are the following people:

The little Kae from Supa Dupa Girl Kae blog fame. The following is a short introduction about Kae.

At the tiny age of 5, Kae ate kilos of lychees and promptly got sick and was rushed to hospital for eating too much. From that moment on, Kae began her love affair with all things sweet and sugary, and every now and then, grotty and authentic. Kae has food buddies around the world, has enormous plans to embark on an eating adventure with each and everyone of them marked by croissants in France, spices in South America, chocolates in Belgium, and noodles in Asia. A not so great cook, Kae loves to experiment in the kitchen, and spends most of her culinary desires perfecting her baking skills, and hence, that's where most of her posts will come from :)

The fashionable Michelle from Hoarding Heirlooms blog fame. The following is a short introduction about Michelle.

Hard to believe, but food takes precedance over fashion for Michelle. When there's nothing to be found at Alannah Hill, you can count on Michelle to feast her eyes on something sumptuous around the corner at Coles. Michelle doesn't (know how to) cook however her dining habits more than make up for it. You see, mention the four letter F-word to Michelle and she will think you were offering her five million bucks as part of the lottery. One cheeseball and she's outta here.

The wise Choo from The Oriental Express blog fame. The following is a short introduction about Choo.

"If Choo can cook, so can you! To encourage those of you who think you cannot cook, try it. It is not difficult at all.
When Choo was a student in Canada, she tried to brew some coffee for the lady who wanted Choo to babysit her four children during the summer months while she was away in Europe. She was flabbergasted to find that Choo had put all the beans in the pot, without first grinding them into coffee powder. Yet today, Choo runs the Rialto Italian Cuisine restaurant. She has become a Chef, not by training, but by crisis, learnt by observing her chefs. Now she can also cook good Chinese, Nonya, Malay, Thai and Western dishes. As a lover of animals, Choo eats more vegetables and fruits than meat. Sharks Fin is a no no, as Choo feels it is too cruel to kill sharks just for their fins. She feels that if God intended humans to be carnivores, they will have teeth like the wild animals. Like Thanh, Choo love chocolates too. She also enjoys eating nuts.....any type of nuts. Her siblings say she is the biggest NUT! She can eat noodles everyday, but can go without rice or bread for months and still not miss them. She can cook noodles in 101 ways. Want to try them? Then be nice to Choo. You will get invited to her home for a meal. The most important ingredient in cooking is love. This is why homecooked dishes are always tasty because they are cooked with love.
Bon appetit! Buon appetito! Makan sedap! Rusi ya irikire! Enjoy your food!"

The literary Alan from Photo Finish blog fame. The following is a short introduction about Alan.

"Alan hails from the sunny island state of Singapore, a multi-ethnic society that's also a cosmopolitan melting pot of different scents and flavors. He enjoys an economical meal and can also whip up a mean plate of fried rice (paradise?). Alan is a soup person; he believes that even though a meal can suck, it ain't too shabby as long as the soup is kicks ass. His favorite is sichuan soup, which he is also fond of making (it's easy!). Thank you for visiting us. Please have a seat, check out our menu, and our friendly staff will be with you shortly to take your orders."

The communicative Trev from I Am Superb blog fame. The following is a short introduction about Trev.

"Gday ladies and gentlemen. And here too begins the journey of sharing Trev's sizzling tasteful, saliva tingling and sumptuous times spent around bowls, plate, ounces, kilos, mountains and piles of food food and more food! Trev certainly enjoys eating and some of his favourite cuisines are Korean, South African and Turkish. Cooking dishes is great fun but his recipe appertoire isn't a great one, so he hopes this blog will be as much of a learning experience for you as it is for him, learning about food, cooking, reviews and whatever else everyone has to contribute."

The law abiding Stan from Brother Daniel San blog fame. The following is a short introduction about Stan.

"To Be Added Soon"

The relaxed James from A Man Amongst Men blog fame. The following is a short introduction about James.

"James is all about the food. Food is his life. If the old adage You are what you eat is to be applied then the man known to bloggers as 'Afrobev' would be many things from red meat to white meat to basically anything that can be digested as he eats to live and lives to eat. He will readily admit that cooking is not his strong point but he has been known to concoct a decent enough meal as long as he has instructions and has everything written down for him in point form. His 'Afrobev's Guide To Eating Out' has become legendary (even though it's only he that says so himself) for it's honesty and for it's self depreciating style. Eating out is to him almost as big as the man himself and he has been known (along with his 'foodie' girlfriend) to spend hundreds of pounds a month on dining out together in a variety of establishments ranging from the classy restaurants to the 'KFC's. He likes his specialty cheeses, his favourite fruit is banana and his least favourite dessert is lemon merangue. Recently he has discovered an intense dislike for sushi."

The scientific Thanh from More Thanh Words blog fame. The following is a short introduction about Thanh.

"Thanh is a chocolate loving incompetent cook. His ultra acute sense of smell and taste serve him well when he is "suggesting" (insert the word criticising instead for suggesting) ways other people can improve their cooking. His ultra sensitive stomach is also a good indicator of when food is bad or overly manipulated with chemicals. While he will suggest many good ideas for improvements to other's cooking, his own repotoire of cooking consists of instant noodles and cakes made from boxed cake mix. His only redeeming cooking skill is a perfectly cooked medium rare steak. In his own opinion, the steak is comparable to restaurant quality, good restaurants that is, not "steakhouses". He loves to eat dessert the most, and the first thing he will check on the menu at a restaurant is what desserts are available. He will then plan his dinner around the dessert, leaving enough space in his slightly portly belly to eat dessert. His food ambition is to somehow make it into the food industry in a small way and indulge his unending appetite for good food. Or his other ambition is to eat as many different tiramisu's sold in Melbourne as possible."

We all hope you enjoy our blog and some of our enthusiasm about food rubs off on you. Hopefully you will come back often to read all the interesting and maybe sometimes uninteresting things we have to say about food.

"I Eat Therefore I Am"