Wednesday, November 07, 2012

WTC Wharf Progressive Dinner + Giveaway Dining Voucher

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WTC Wharf
World Trade Centre (Riverside)
Siddeley Street
Melbourne 3005

When some people go to restaurants, they like to order the same thing. Me, I want to try everything on the menu. I like trying out different flavours and seeing what works and taste good. Hence, a progressive dinner is my type of thing. Within one meal, you can try out many types of cuisine. I was invited to join in the WTC Wharf Progressive Dinner with my fellow bloggers Kim, Agnes, April, I-Hua and Joyce.

WTC Wharf, if you haven't been, is opposite the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and across the road from Crown Casino. It's sits serenely along the Yarra River and is a wharf edge dining precinct. It's easily accessible via the bridge from Spencer Street, with parking lots located right behind the wharf. For a bit of fun, you can even get to the wharf via the WTC water taxi service. How's that for arriving in style, James Bond style.

We started our progressive dinner at Byblos Bar, a stylish Lebanese restaurant. The restaurant was decorated in very striking colours and I liked the various lights and decorations in the restaurant. We were seated at a comfortable booth table, which was beautifully in-laid with tiles. A good way to start any meal is with cocktails, so we all got some. I went for my usual favourite, a mojito, but with a twist. Instead of rum, gin was used. I thought the gin really worked and I loved the drink.

For entrees, we shared a series of "mezat". The entrees were a sensory feast for the eyes, nose, ears and mouth, with so many flavours, smells and textures. The dishes comprised of simple items like Grilled Haloumi, Fattoush (salad), Dips and the most amazing Roasted Potatoes with Garlic, to more complex dishes like Cheese Filled Filo Pastry, Ground Meat Parcels, Grilled Lamb and Chicken Skewers and finally Quail with Pomegranate Molasses. All the food was good, but my two standout items were the amazing potatoes and the tender and smokey lamb skewers.

After the entrees, we were all quite full already. But being the troopers we are, it was off to Kobe Jones for mains. The large rectangular room is setup for teppanyaki, with the chefs in the middle serving, and entertaining the crowd. The room does get a little bit smokey, so I'd leave the cashmere cardigan at home if I were you.

We started this part of the meal with some Yuzu Sake. It was sour, sweet and refreshing. Then it was oysters with a soy dressing for all, except April, who dislikes them so more for me. Happy days. We then had a really beautiful "meaty" mushroom salad. The mushrooms were cooked perfectly and tasted great. I wish I hadn't eaten so much of them as I was really getting full. When the beautifully tender beef and perfectly cooked salmon came out, I only managed to eat half of it. The dish came with three dipping sauces, ponzu, citrus miso and teriyaki. I think it was unanimous that the citrus miso was the best and paired really well with the beef and fish. I had yet another mojito, but this time the alcoholic component was sake. This mojito was really smooth and softer than usual and delicious. I-Hua wasn't as lucky in her choice of cocktails, with her selection tasting a bit like cough medicine.

We struggled the twenty steps to the next location, the Wharf Hotel, for dessert. The hotel was buzzing with noise and people. You can have a drink outside on the deck, or sit inside and have a drink while watching the footy. The last option is to sit at the tables to eat food and/or dessert. We were here solely for dessert, and dessert I found space for. The spare stomach I store away for dessert came in handy once again, as I got to try the Sticky Date Pudding and Apple Pie. The sticky date pudding was really nice and moist and the sauce was sticky and sweet as it should be. I didn't like the Apple Pie as much as I'm quite sensitive to cinnamon and found it was flavoured too strongly with cinnamon, in both the pie and ice cream. The pastry of the pie was good and the ice cream smooth but cinnamon just assaulted me from all angles and I'm not a fan of strong cinnamon flavour. We washed down dessert with some wine.

That concluded our very plentiful WTC Wharf Progressive Dinner. I was so full and could hardly move. I liked the different flavours and vibe I got at each location. It was a good mix and highly enjoyable. Being a super short walk across all three venues, there was no rush either to get to the next destination in time. With the warm weather that night, it was a perfect way to eat good food and soak up some beautiful weather along the wharf.


To celebrate the WTC Wharf Progressive Dinner, I'm happy to give away a $100 WTC Wharf Dining Voucher. You can use it at any of the restaurants along the wharf.

To enter, all you have to is leave a comment answering the question:
If you were to go to the WTC Wharf which restaurant would you go to?

Please make sure there is a way I can contact you. If I can't reach you, I can't give you the prize.

The most creative answer will be selected by WTC Wharf as the winner.

Conditions of Entry
- One entry per person.
- Competition closes Nov 16th.
- The winner will be contacted directly.
- For full Terms and Conditions, see here.


  1. YAY Another give away :) WOO HOO! I really hope I win :) because I've had my eye on the WTC progressive dinner for awhile now hehe ~ I keep seeing the adverts popping where ever I go hahaha

    I know my man will want me to take him to Kobe Jones but I really just want the desserts especially since Sticky Date is my favourite!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Yay! Thanks Thanh for another giveaway! Don't we all love giveaways? :D

    If I were to go to WTC Wharf, I'd love to try Byblos Bar. I've never had Lebanese food before and looking at the picture you took of the mezat(s), I think it's going to be a good experience. I'm going to check out the menu to see what they offer for mains.

  3. Byblos Bar looks absolutely amazing! I love Lebanese food (being a regular on Sydney Road during my uni days) but I haven't tried all of the dishes available.

    Getting a platter with Mezat dishes looks like a great place to start, and I'm drooling over the thought some Lebanese sweets to finish. Heck, the banquet options look like they can't be missed!

  4. Riverside Teppanyaki. I have not gone for Teppanyaki for years, but it is one of my favourite dining experiences. It's almost like a dinner and show in one.

  5. Easy peasy Japanesy it would be Kobe Jones for mesy.....

    (Not the best English but you get the idea)

  6. What a fantastic giveaway!

    I'd love to try out the Byblos Bar. Lebanese food is delish and is very close to my favourite cuisine which is Greek.

    This would be an ideal dinner date for me and hubby!

  7. I’d dine at Byblos, for their skewers and dips, the flavous sound amazing, and I just love Mediterranean cuisine. Perfect for a Saturday lunch with friends. :)

  8. I'd go back to Byblos for sure!

  9. It's a tough one to pick.

    I've eaten at Kobe Jones at WTC before, so it's a bit of a line call between Byblos Bar or the Wharf Hotel.

    Byblos for the Lebanese food. Love it, and haven't had it in ages.

    Or the sticky date pudding looks and sounds so good.

    Heck, with the voucher, I'll probably do both :)

  10. I would go to Kobe Jones. I love the novelty of teppanyaki dining, especially if the food is great. Furthermore, having played badminton for over 10 years, my food catching dexterity is second to none!

    -Gilbert Chew

  11. What do we want? Lebanese food!
    When do we want it? NOW!

    (In other words, I'd adore the chance to check out Byblos for the first time.)

  12. Thanks for another giveaway. I would have to pick Kobe Jones because I have never actually been to Teppanyaki before (Shock! Horror!). It is something that has always been on the to do list but just never got around to it!

  13. Kobe Jones, most memorable memory cooking your own lobster on a heated marble slate

  14. Love these give a ways!! =)

    Kobe Jones would be my first pick! Heard their Teppanyaki is one of the best in Melb and would love to try it out.

    Thanks for this opportunity!
    Hope to hear from you soon =)

  15. I would love to try Byblos !! I love lebanese food!!

  16. Kobe Jones! My friends live in the apartment next to it. Every time when we walk pass by, we all couldn't stop watering. And I do like tepan yaki.

  17. Would have to be kobe Jones - the words yuzu sake had me sworning ;)

  18. I would go to Byblos Bar and eat the rainbow - the food looks absolutely amazing!!