Monday, April 16, 2007

Annalakshmi Vegetarian Restaurant



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My colleague, Vanessa Yong, had coerced all of us to visit this unique restaurant serving both Northern and Southern Indian vegetarian food. Vanessa had even done a project on Annalakshmi for her toastmaster's project.

Finally, I managed to go down to their new outlet at Chinatown Point. They had shifted from Excelsior Hotel, and has another new outlet at Amoy Street, presumably to reach out to office workers in the Central Business District.

Annalakshmi was founded with the belief that food is sacred, and as such, should always be lovingly served like a mother serving her family. Hence money is never the priority. The founder believes that people should not be deprived of delicious food just because they cannot afford. Hence, in Annalakshmi, customers are allowed to pay any amount they wish to. The founder also believes in the innate goodness of man - that customers will be fair and just. The workers in the restaurants are mostly volunteer staff. Hence, they naturally give good service because they offer their service from the heart.

We had some thosai and some naan with potato and brinjal curry. I do not have a big appetite, and immediately feel full after one thosai.!

There are many Annalskshmi restaurants throughout the world. Check for one nearest you and you will be amazed at the way things work out so beautifully in this place of dining!

I will be moving to my aparment in Little India soon. I have told Vanessa, that perhaps with the time saved from travelling since my apartment is just 30 seconds from the MRT, and is one stop away from my office at Park Mall, I could look into volunteering my service as a waitress so that I can also improve in my Tamil and Hindhi languages.

Food in Annalakshmi has that special "oomph" simply because it is cooked with love. The love of volunteers who take time off to serve either in the kitchen or dining hall.


  1. We have a few similar restaurants here in Melbourne in terms of you paying what you believe the food is worth. It was found that most people tended to pay more than what the dishes were worth because they had a good time and weren't made to pay a certain amount.

  2. Bad Do Bad

    commenting on your own blog without anyone making one first

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    you speak to yourself

    Queenie: I wait for you in Grand Hyatt Hotel Room 332

  3. Silly Anonymous. If you bothered to look, this post was written by The Oriental Express, not me. Hence, I was commenting on what she was writing.

  4. The food is really delicious here and the atmosphere and views are amazing.