Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tin's Birthday BBQ

Although Tin's birthday is actually next week, more people were free this week so we had a BBQ this week. I suggested that we do a whole lamb on a spit as that is easy and everyone loves it. Hence, I sent out invites (virtual ones in this day and age) and confirmed that everyone was coming. I organised with everyone to bring something different to share. Tin ordered a whole lamb to pick up on the day.

Despite no one really knowing how to do a spit, we did great in the end. I dropped by Tin's house earlier in the day and we decided that we would light the coal about 3pm. By 4pm, it didn't look like the lamb had cooked much so we lumped on more coal. Things really started to heat up and the coals were flaming a little. People started to arrive in a trickle from 4pm. We went and got beer and ice. Upon returning, 10kg of ice didn't look like much, so a call was made out to people who hadn't arrived yet to buy ice. 20kg more of ice would arrive.

There was lots to eat and drink and it was all delicious. Bascially it was like any other BBQ, people mingling with each other and eating the whole time until the point of bursting. Below is a photographic journey with some editorial comments inserted for comedic emphasis.

Is that a lamb or a large dog?

Tin: "I hunted this lamb myself..... at the butchers."

John: "Wow, that is hot. Yup!"

Keiran: King of the home brew beer. The home brew was really popular and finished before we resorted to "commerical" brands.

Wei: "Hubby is drunk so I'll drink on his behalf."

Master of the knife, Trung.

After Trung with done with the lamb, this is all that remained.

Jessie: "This lamb is great, but where is the dumplings Wei?"

Thanh: "Esther, is that real cream?"

Emmanuel, a knowing smile.

Mafia? Or society for the blind.

John: "What are you looking at?". Ummm, look behind you John.

Thanh's tasting platter. Yum yum.

Tin with son Tim and cake number one. You look great for 74.

The Addams family.

Cake number 2.

Cake number 3. How many cakes does a man need? Apparently, 3 is the answer.

Who turned out the lights?

My birthday card has a hole in it. I demand a refund.

Lets karaoke the night away.


  1. Tin's kid still wears pants too big for him

  2. Hahaha and his hair has grown out a bit. Needs a haircut soon.

  3. How did Tin afford this party of $20 a week?

  4. He had to save up his pennies and spend it all at once.

  5. "Below is a photographic journey with some editorial comments inserted for comedic emphasis."

    Your editorial comments aren't funny. You should have just written under all photos "STUPID FAT DO AND HIS BLEEDY CAMERA"