Monday, August 25, 2008

Dinner Party By Jo

Despite having some tennant issues to deal with, Jo still managed to whip up some great food for a dinner party at her place.

I arrived to the house with the beautiful smell of a roast cooking away. After consultation between Chefs Jo, Paul, Phuong and myself, we decided the roast wasn't ready yet and covered it with foil to cook a bit longer. While we all sat down to cocktails made by Jo and Moscato wine and watched the Olympics, the roast continued cooking.

We were so caught up in the Australia versus Argentina soccer match that we forgot about the roast a bit.

When we finally got the roast out, it was a bit overcooked. The flavours were good, but the meat was a tad tough. Not to worry, everyone still enjoyed it. I really liked the sweet potato and the really well cooked onions and garlic at the bottom of the baking tray.

Finally, as Australia was losing the match, we dug into a Apple and Pear pie, with lots and lots of ice cream.

It was a good dinner party and everyone was stuffed by the end. Thanks to Jo for cooking everything and Kin for letting us watch the brand new plasma TV.

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