Saturday, March 21, 2009

These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

When the sprightly Herr Doktor Duncan invited Sarah, Sandra and myself to make Pretzels, or as Sandra and Duncan call it "Brezels", there was an instant reply of yes from all of us.

Sarah has already blogged about it much more thoroughly than I could, with better photos too.

I just have a few points to make.

I did in fact arrive a tad (give or take 60 minutes) late. It's definitely not my style to be late. I'm always on time or early even. However, a series of incidents (some late Friday work to do since we got a report back, changing to my new iPhone and not transferring Sarah or Duncan's phone numbers, getting lost) conspired to mean that I was destined not to help make the pretzels, but just eat them, awwww, what a shame. :-)

The pretzels turned out magnificent. We kept Sandra far away from the caustic soda used to coat the pretzels in case she had the urge to splash it into her eyes again. I must say that the pretzels with just salt was good, but a bit salty (yes yes, I know it has salt). However, once it was combined with the Lurpak butter that Sarah brought, it made the pretzels amazing. The only way it could have been better was if we used Lescure butter, which is insanely good. Otherwise, we could have doused the pretzels in chocolate, but Germanphiles (is that a word?) Sandra and Duncan would not allow it. :-( The penalty for dousing chocolate on pretzels was a caustic soda shower.

While Sarah and Duncan discussed cookbooks, Sandra and I compared notes on Wicked, yes I'm a fan while Sandra's obssessed about it. Idinia Menzel is both our favourite Elphaba.

We discovered that Duncan is a great cook, not just a baker. His Pork Paprika Stew was hearty and hit the exact right spot. The Peach Crumble was quite good. I have to be honest, I think we overdid it with the caramel (*gasps of horror, how can you have too much sugar*), but the home made ice cream was so good, I would have eaten it even if it was three weeks old, let alone one.

Finally, I never got tired of uttering "These pretzels are making me thirsty" all night.

I had a really great time, thanks to Duncan, Sarah and Sandra. So what are we making next Duncan?


  1. Hey Thanh!

    It was soooo much fun!!! And your post was so funny :)

    As for the next one, I think it's your turn to host???

  2. It was heaps of fun wasn't it! And this post is pretty fun too.:)

    What next? hmmmmm... maybe I should make a random selection from an advanced pastry book and send us all crazed!