Sunday, April 19, 2009

Trunk - Bar Menu

275 Exhibition Street
Melbourne 3000 Vic
Ph: 9663 7994

Thanh: Where should we go eat?
Dennis: I don't know, you choose.
Thanh: I don't know either, what cuisine do you feel like.
Dennis: Italian.
Thanh: Hmmm, where is a good Italian restaurant?
Dennis: Let's use Urbanspoon and let it decide.

So that's what we did. We shook the Urbanspoon app on my iPhone and let it pick out an Italian restaurant for us. We said that whatever came up first, we would go. So when Trunk came up, we decided to go there. We weren't really going in too blindly as I remember reading Agnes review of Trunk.

But anyway, neither of us had tried it and didn't even know where it was. So following the Urbanspoon links, we found out where it was and off we went.

We were greeted by this garden front restaurant/bar hidden away between office buildings. It was ultra ultra dark inside both the bar and restaurant. I really really dislike ultra dark restaurants. I could understand a bar being dark, but hate it for a restaurant. The Trunk space is rather strangely divided and it didn't feel like a bar or a restaurant. A request for a table came back negative but we were happy to eat from the bar menu.

So we got ourselves drinks and ordered Antipasto, Pizza and Chips to share. The Antipasto was very nice, with a mixture of pickled vegetables, fresh tomatoes with cheese, cured meats and bread. The chips were quite good, but tasted great with the garlic aioli.

The pizza was very good, a crispy based thin pizza with thin strips of prosciutto, cheese and basil. A very well executed pizza.

The meal was very nice and I would definitely go back to eat at the bar. I'd like to try the restaurant part as well next time. I might bring my own flashlight.

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  1. i was there on friday night - a bit of an impromptu stop between bars.

    i'm not sure if this is true but they got some mention for their pizzas being some of the best in melbourne. have you heard this?

  2. Trunk is just one block from my work. Their pizza are very good indeed, and they're available for takeaway too! The beer garden is also great for a few bevvies on a warm day.

    I think the weird interior is due to its previous guises. It's been a number of things: a Korean restaurant (Seoul Garden), an Italian restaurant (Sillito), a Chinese restaurant (Lim's Tea Garden) and also a synagogue! It certainly is dark, but the effect at night is quite nice, with the fairy lights turned on in the beer garden :)

  3. James, I've heard that Trunk did good pizzas too. The pizza I had was pretty good.

    Danny, I'm envious that you can walk there for lunch or after work drinks. I did like the beer garden, looked very welcoming. We wanted to sit in the garden to eat our food but weren't sure if we could so ate inside.

    The interior is ultra strange, and your info helps clear it up a bit. The lights outside definitely looked good, but I like my restaurants to be a bit better lit inside.

  4. A mere stroll down the hill from my work. So far I've had good experiences with the food there.

  5. I Love the urbanspoon too! eventhough I had to find a place with wi-fi to access it. I only have an iPod touch you see.

    I love Trunk! eventho I was let down with their bloody Mary for having to many woscestershire.. but their foods are amazing! Try the eel-risoto when you go to the restaurant, I heard it's very hearty. Perfect for this weather..

  6. Anna, you're very lucky to have such a great place near work that you can pop in after work. I wish I could do that.

    Hey Asti, Urbanspoon is a pretty cool app. If I do get to the restaurant, I shall try the eel risotto.