Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mount Dandenong - Part 2

So one day while we were bored, Dennis and I just decided to do an impromptu trip to Mount Dandenong. We have both been there numerous times, but it's always a great relaxing day trip.

Obviously, most visitors go to visit SkyHigh Mount Dandenong, where there are some brilliant views of Melbourne to be had. I've gone to the top of the mountain a few times, and you can read about one occasion here.

This trip, we wanted to visit the various shops in the towns around Mount Dandenong. The first stop was in Olinda, where we firstly had lunch at Pie In The Sky. They have won numerous medals for their prizes. But with these advertisements, take it with a grain of salt. There is usually little context as to how important these awards are. Dennis and I had a chuckle when we saw their last winning meat pie was back in 2001.

Anyway, we both got a pie with chips. I got the Classic Meat Pie. The pie pastry was really good, flaky and buttery. The filling was nice, but nothing too special. The chips were ordinary and nothing to write home about.

We walked around the town and looked at the various shops, selling antiques, homewares, toys, food and all sorts of other things.

Having partially burnt off the pie (as we deluded ourselves), it was off to Sassafras to enjoy some more food. While we put our name down on the Miss Marple's Tearoom waiting list for a table, we wandered around the town. I liked the Tea Leaves shop, which apparently has the largest range of teas in Victoria. It was quite a small and cramped shop and I was conscious not to bump over any tea pots while squeezing past people. I bought some green teas to enjoy later at home.

Finally, after about 45 minutes, it was our turn to dine at the ever busy Miss Marples tearoom. There is a queue there year round, at all times of the day. We both wanted to eat the fingers and scones and desserts, but wwas still quite full so settled on scones and tea. The scones are definitely good, being the perfect combination of a soft fluffy (sponge cake like) scone with rich luscious cream and a wonderfully tart home made raspberry jam.

Don't you love how old fashioned charming the restaurant looks like.

Finally, within a few metres from Miss Marples, you can wonder for a walk through some cool and calming rainforests. Perfect.

And that, wraps up a comfortable relaxing day at one of Melbourne's natural attractions, Mount Dandenong.

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  1. They are good scones Libby, the best I've tasted.



  3. That is a good idea, lets do it. We can try different jams and recipes. Lets each make a batch or two of scones.

  4. They are not scones they are simply sponge cakes cut into squares !! and the hype for the place is just crazy ... travel 10 mins down the raod to William Ricketts Sanctuary and visit the Tea room Churinga Cafe ... that is where you find the best hidden cafe in the Dandenongs and the best REAL scones I have tasted anywhere in the world

  5. Anonymous, it's funny how things all seem to cluster together. I just met someone last Thursday and we were saying how we both thought the scones at Miss Marples are more like a cake. Now I can add you to that list as well. That's three of us now against everyone else.

    Thank you so much for that tip. I shall definitely try out the other cafe and their real scones.