Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Mossgreen Tea Rooms - High Tea With a Side of Art

Apparently, real men don't eat quiche. Similarly, high tea is something that's associated with women. I contend that good food is good food and men and women can enjoy it. Hence when I got invited to attend a high tea at Mossgreen Tea Rooms, I happily accepted. Anyone that knows me knows how much I love cakes, so I was really looking forward to the high tea. I attended the high tea with Michele, Agnes, I-Hua and Aaron, Lianne and Daisy.

Mossgreen Tea Rooms is part art gallery and part restaurant. It adjoins the Mossgreen Art Gallery where you can find lots of interesting and beautiful art pieces to buy. The tea rooms are decorated with lots of works as well, all of which you can buy. It makes the space interesting and constantly evolving, which I love. I was thoroughly intrigued by the various art work and they made a great backdrop to the high tea. The high tea itself is catered by Peter Rowland Catering and consisted of savoury and sweet items as well as your choice of tea. I decided to go with the Mossgreen Tea Room Signature Tea, which unfortunately was not to my liking. The lemongrass and other spices in it made it taste a lot like a tom yum soup, which is not a good thing in a tea. Despite the questionable tea, I absolutely adored the Wedgewood China that the tea was served in and wanted to steal them. Look how stunning the crockery is. Things just taste better served in and on good crockery.

Luckily, the high tea items themselves were much nicer. The savoury sandwiches of smoked salmon, cucumber and ham I believe were all pretty good. The best items were the quiche and especially the pithivier, which was excellent. The sweet items were pretty good too, with chocolate cakes, banana cake, Swiss rolls, poppyseed cakes and macarons. The chocolate layer cake with jelly was good and the poppyseed cake was really amazing and my favourite for the day. The macarons had good flavour but (and I know it sounds silly) was too sweet. I've eaten many macarons and the good ones aren't sickly sweet somehow. Lastly, the scones looked really tempting but unfortunately maybe due to the small size, they were more like bread rolls.

The service was friendly with an air of class to match the whole atmosphere. People were all happily eating their food and drinking tea with their pinkies raised while enjoying the setting. The whole thing makes for a very relaxing and enjoyable high tea experience. I wouldn't say that every item of food was great but for $48 for the high tea experience, it's worth trying.

I was invited by Q Strategies and dined courtesy of Mossgreen Tea Rooms.

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  1. I've actually heard you're not supposed to raise your pinky when drinking tea. lol. Food looks great though and the teapots and teacups are beautiful! So very civilised!

  2. Oh didn't know that. Been doing it all wrong haha. The teapot and cups are seriously amazing. I need a set.

  3. Oh, Thanh. No pinky when tea-ing haha. Looks beautiful Mum loves her British High Tea affair. Am sure this is definitely something she'd enjoy =)

  4. More men need to be cool with high tea -- they're missing out on all the fun!