Monday, September 04, 2006

Afrobev's Guide To Eating Out: Frankie And Benny's

Another transfer from my blog to this one. Phil took me to one of favourite places to eat. Frankie And Benny's in Nantgarw.

I must admit to loving the whole Italian American theme of the place and the whole ambience including having them teach you Italian as you go to the loo. But I also find the service to be good and I like the way you can see the chef's actually cooking your meal so you know they have nothing to hide.

I had Chicken Parmagiana which is a whole chicken breast topped with mozzarella cheese and neapolitan sauce and is served with spaghetti and sauteed herb potatoes. Phil opted for the Chicken, bacon and avocado salad while my four year old niece went for the kiddies hamburger and chips. I must admit that although it was good that the food appeared to be lacking that extra something that food from F&B's used to have when I had dined their previously. I think Phil felt the same but it was like there were ingredients missing like some special sauce or something.

Still the ambience and overall feel of the place sort of made up for that lack of something special and I was very close to buying their special CD boxset for £39.99 with all the classics but I doubt Phil would have let me and I still love singing along to 'Amore' when I am eating. Everybody..."When the moon hit's the sky like a big apple pie that's amore!". Just a bit amore salt and bit amore special sauce and you would have been spot on I think.

Afrobev's Ratings:
Food- B- (lacking mama's special sauce I think Francis and Benjamin!)
Ambience- A (you can't beat the overall feel)
Waiter- A- (friendly and quick and even gave the little one a balloon)
Presentation and Price B (cost just over thirty quid two adults and a child to dine)
Overall- B (if the food was tastier it would have got full marks but something wasn't quite right I'm afraid, Phil only commented on how much she liked avocado and didn't go "mmmm" once and that's a big giveaway)

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  1. No mmmm definitely means it lacks that special something.

    "When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine
    That's amore"