Friday, October 20, 2006

Amusing Conversations at KFC

I remember once upon a time when I was young that KFC used to be known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. A friend told me they had to drop that name because there wasn't enough chicken content in their food to be called "Chicken". I don't know if this is true but would almost agree with it sometimes.

So I went and bought some KFC for dinner tonight. Sometimes fast food is just the easiest thing to eat when there is nothing else to eat. I know that its extremely bad for me and I react to it immediately. After eating it, I will get pimples within the next few hours. However, I do like eating it every once in a while.

Here is what I had tonight. Notice anything? A total lack of colour besides brown. Everything is fried in heaps of animal fat. Those skewer things on the left are the new "Short Time Only" Hot Rods. I got fooled by their marketing and got some. What do they taste like you ask? They taste just like their "Hot and Spicy" chicken they had only recently, just moulded into a different shape and stuck on a skewer.

While I was buying the KFC, two hilarious incidents happen. Firstly, a lady next to me asked for "A chicken burger without the chicken". Huh? Why didn't she just go to a sandwich shop? She wanted the buns with just mayo, lettuce and tomatoe but no chicken. Then the poor pre pubescent guy behind the counter goes "I'll check if we can do that". Of course you can do that, just pull the chicken out of one of your burgers. Then he comes back and says "Yes we can do that". He then turns around to the girl at the next register and says "How do I punch that into the machine?" I guess they don't exactly train for situations like this, or even how to think slightly outside the square. The girl told him that he could "Punch it in as a Twister with just Lettuce and Tomatoe." I guess since the Twister is supposed to be their slightly healthier option, sometimes people might want more salad in it rather than meat.

The second incident was a man who had brought back half a bag of bread buns. He said that they were still frozen and asked for his money back. The KFC manager gave him back $1.20. He said that he wanted all his money back even though two buns were missing. She said that since he only brought back four, she can only give him back the money for that. Also she said "I'm already giving you a discount, you got that as part of a meal and we didn't even charge you the full price for it." THis was totally hilarious to me. Here she was bargaining with him over how much money he should get back. In the end, he accepted the $1.20 and walked off. For me personally, I couldn't be bothered driving back for $1.20 but would make a point to check that the buns were not frozen the next time.

See how much fun you can have at KFC while you wait for you pimple inducing artery clogging cruelly raised chicken fried in heaps of fat. I think I might try the chicken burger without the chicken next time and see how that tastes hahahaha.


  1. I don't think I have ever seen such unappetising food to be honest Thanh...Even for fast food and that's saying something! The french fries look so anemic.

  2. Yeah I regretted eating everything afterwards as my cough that was nearly gone started to kick in big time and I was coughing for ages after eating all that fried food.