Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lazar Charcoal Grill - Encore

After a great time at Lazar's the first town round, and hearing that they were closing forever this Saturday, I had to go back for one last time.

This time, the meal and service were again excellent. We got a different waiter this time, but he was equally funny in his own less excited way compared to the other waiter.

As for the steak, it was once again delicious. The sausages were so flavoursome as I remembered. And this time, I left some space in my stomach so that I could taste the strawberry pancakes properly. The pancakes were indeed scrumptious.

This time I remembered to photograph the food. Hopefully I can find another steakhouse that is just as good.

The sausages don't look that different but they are tasty without that usual smelly after taste from most sausages. The pork sausages was better in my opinion but the beef sausages were still very good too.

Complimentary salad consisting of potato salad, green salad and sauerkraut.

My scotch fillet steak medium.

The food was beautifully accompanied by a Penfolds Thomas Hyland Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 vintage. It was wonderfully smooth with slight hints of flavour.

The famous Lazar pancakes with plump sweet juicy strawberries and ice cream. The strawberries must be freshly picked from the farm because they are always sweet and don't just look good with no flavour like the supermarket ripened ones.

It's a shame that Lazar's will be closing forver as the great service and steaks would have seen me go back there many times. If you read this before Saturday November 4, go to Lazar's and try out the steak.

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  1. Maybe they closed down because you refused to pay you cheap bastard!