Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fasta Pasta

Fasta Pasta is a chain of stores that sell mainly pasta, but also other things like pizza and steaks. My previous experiences with Fasta Pasta have not been good. However, Kin, Jo and I just wanted a quick lunch. We contemplated going to Springvale where everything is good and cheap, but with Chinese New Year's festivities going on there, it would have been very hard to get parking. Hence we went to the Fasta Pasta in Keysbourough.

When you first walk in, there is a distinct lack of atmosphere in the place. It feels so dead and I just disliked it straight away. Fasta Pasta is like a take away shop in that you pay for your meal before you get it. This is ok with me, but at least the staff should be trained to use the till and how to take orders. Here was an exchange
Kin: "I'd like a Chinotto and a tomato juice please".
Waitress: "A Chin what."
Kin: "That bottle of drink that's sitting right on your display counter."
Waitress: "Ok so that one Chinotto. And what juice did you want."
Kin: "A tomato juice".

Waitress: "So would that be three plates or just two."
Kin: "Three."
Kin to Thanh: "There's three of us so why would we want only two plates."

Thanh: "I'd like the Ravioli please".
Waitress: "Is that the Ravioli Milanese."
Thanh thinking, "That is the only Ravioli dish on the menu so what else could it be."

After that fun episode, we sat down and waited for our meal. Despite there being hardly any customers, it still took quite a while for the meal to arrive. The wait was not worth it. None of us enjoyed our meals at all. My Ravioli Milanese had way too much cheese in it and was just too much. Jo's Salmon Fettucine hardly contained salmon and the fettucine was quite tough. Even Kin's stock standard Ceasar salad wasn't good.

Ravioli Milanese

Salmon Fettucine

Ceasar Salad

Overall Rating: 7/20, Food, service, atmosphere all bad. Price too expensive as well. The restaurant was clean and roomy so I gave a few points for that. I promise myself never to go back unless it's the only thing to eat.

Scores: 1-9: Unacceptable, don't bother. 10-11: Just OK,some shortcomings. 12: Fair. 13: Getting there. 14: Recommended. 15: Good. 16: Really good. 17: Truly excellent. 18: An outstanding experience. 19-20: Approaching perfection, Victoria's best.


  1. I myself love this place! I have a mate who just about lives there too. Family and friends also enjoy it. I must admit, I have only ever had the same thing on the menu in as long as I have been eating there (4/5 years or so!) but it always tastes so good! It's the Ravioli Milanese and I go there just for that. It might not be fine dining, but it's nice food that isn't expensive and the service is fine.

  2. continued from the above post. I forgot to mention I eat at Fasta Pasta Innaloo, WA!!! Sorry :)

  3. Anonymous, maybe different fasta pastas places have their own different tastes. I know that La Porchetta restaurants throughout the state vary greatly, with some being good and some being terrible.

  4. hate it..keysborgh store place. Food stuff comes from packet, i seen them pouring sauces from bags n some pastas too. high afta eatin spagetti bolnaise, mite have msg's in them. betta off gettin pre pack frozen food, it the same as keysy store alway new people thar and managr keep changing. is annoyance cuz newbies foget my order... seen roach run cross tabloe..disgusting, neva go again..

  5. Went to fasta pasta keysborough for dinner it was amazing the food was great, staff where fantastic. Had a live band it was just so relaxing. Will be going back for sure! Thanks guys keep up the great work. :)

  6. Anonymous 1 & 2, it just shows how different opinions are and that everyone can have their own. I personally don't think Fasta Pasta is very good, but others may find it is good.

  7. ate at thio store recently and...
    don;t bother, prices are too high, food quality is worse than mcdonalds.. clearly a fast food restaurant trying to trick us into believing its a proper italian restaurant.. what is casual dining? at this store it means ripping the customer off with poor quality food and dreadfull atmosphere... its no wonder there;s only a few stores lift in vic... cuz its just a teriible meal with way below average service.!!