Monday, February 05, 2007

Food Eaten In Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore

I finally got round to sorting out my food photos from my overseas trip. Below is an assortment of the foods that I liked the best. For more photos of what I ate, go to my Flickr page.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong cuisine is obviously famous for its Cantonese cuisine. All the food were pretty much to my liking. Hong Kong also had lots of other Asian cuisine such as Japanese, Korean, Malaysian etc.
My favourite food items in Hong Kong were the desserts. They had a lot of sweet type soup things that we don't see much of in Australia, or not as much variety anyway. My favourite dessert would have to be the Durian Puffs. Mmmmm sweet creamy durian baked inside puff pastry, how can you go wrong.

Another dessert I really loved was this two skin milk thing. It has the texture of tofu, is slightly sweet and has a very nice milk flavour. The glutinous rice ice cream balls helped to make it even better.

With mains, I loved the Korean BBQ buffet we went to. More meat than you can poke a stick at, marinated and cooked on a flaming hot pan. Perfect.

The roast goose was also totally delicious. We have roast duck in Australia but the flavour of goose is so much nicer than duck. No wonder goose costs so much more than duck in Hong Kong.

Finally, the hot pot in Hong Kong was excellent. All the different type of meat and seafood balls were made fresh and you can taste the rich flavours and beautiful texture.

There were so much more food that I loved Hong Kong, but if I post every photo here, I would need quite a few pages. I also loved eating things such as the soft shell crab, fresh seafood at Lamma Island, dumplings, noodles and more desserts.

Malaysia food is typically spicy, with curries and other noodle and rice dishes that are generally spicy.

The hawker food was very good and extremely cheap. A dish cost only a couple of Aussie dollar. The food was very flavoursome and never lacked a punch.

This prawn fried noodle was a typical example of what you could get at this cheap restaurants. The food was very good and the price was even better.

We ate a lot more food in Malaysia but I kept forgetting to take photos. I really like this roast suckling pig that I had there, very different in flavour to pig here. A lot of meals that we ate in Malaysia were in food courts. The food courts were huge and had so many varities of food. The quality was great and as usual the prices were very cheap.

I don't know how you would classify Singapore food. It's sort of like a mixture from other countries. Their Hai Nan chicken is from China. The Nasi Lemak and Bak Kut Teh is from Malaysia. A lot of food seemed to be very similar to Malaysia but just not as spicy.

This tempura ice cream I had in a Japanese restaurant was stunning. You get fried ice cream here but the tempura batter was so much lighter and gave it a whole different flavour and feel.

As with Malaysia, I forgot to take photos of most of the food I ate. One particularly weird dish was coffee ribs. That was quite strange but tasted quite good too.

So from all these delicious food, what food do I remember the most from my trip. Well it would have to be the two most pungent foods you could possibly taste. The first one was the very foul smelling "smelly tofu" in Hong Kong. I can still smell and taste it now. For those that don't know "smelly tofu" is tofu that is slightly fermented, hence giving off that taste. The flavour really sticks in your mouth after you eat it. Also, the smell from the shops quite far away makes you want to vomit a little bit. Equally pungent but, to me at least, extremely good smell was the durian in Malaysia. In Australia, you can only get one type of durian. There were so many types in Malaysia. We tried the type like Australia and it was nicer since it was fresh. But then we tried the most expensive one, the "Cat Mountain King" durian. Boy did that stink as well, but in a good way. Those durians were so strong I couldn't believe it. They were also slightly bitter, just the way I like it. Mmmmm Mmmmmm. Amazingly, after eating so much food on hoilday, I didn't put on any weight. That must have been due to all the walking I had to do. It was basically public transport everywhere, which meant a lot of walking.

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  1. Hi Thanh! You won't be able to find Hainan chicken rice in China, I don't think, it's a Singaporean creation dish, by the Hainanese immigrants. :D Singaporean food is very similar to Malaysian's because once a upon a time, we are part of Malyasia too, but there are slight differences for example the Char Kway Tiao in Singapore is doused in sweet dark sauce but that in Malaysia is more savoury.