Saturday, June 30, 2007

A1 Bakery

I first read about A1 Bakery from Adski's blog, so when I was driving past Dandenong and saw that there was an A1 Bakery, I had to pop in and have a look.

A1 Bakery is like a bakery/cafe/grocery shop all rolled into one. When I first walked in, I was literally like a kid in a candy shop. There were all these things that I had never seen before and my mind was trying to soak in everything. I first eyed all the chocolate and baked goods and was already salivating. Then I made my way down to the back to the hot food area. I ordered my pizzas and then started browsing the shelves. There were all these products I had never seen before, with the occasional glimpse of something I knew, like Dulce de Leche, which I have recently learnt is caramelised sweetened milk.

Since I didn't know what was what, I got the pizzas for my lunch. I got the Meat Pizza, only $2.50 what a bargain, and the Sausage Pizza, $4.50, also very cheap. They turned out to be nice, with the sausage pizza more to my liking. I also got some baked goods, chocolates, nougat and Turkish Delights. This whole stash of goods below cost me under $25, not bad I reckon.

The pizzas, as I said, were quite nice. The chocolates were good, with the coconut centred ones my favourite. The nougat was good too. I haven't tried the Turkish Delights yet (one can only stuff down so much food in one go) but the absolute highlights are the baked goods. I will definitely be going back just for the baked goods alone. The cylindrical thing on the left had the yummiest custardy filling. The centre top one was semolina with pistachio in the centre. It tasted like shortcrust pastry with nuts, very nice indeed. The bottom centre one I totally forgot what is was, but it was flaky type pastry and was great. The one on the right was again semolina I was told, but more in a stringy type feel. The taste again was different to the other semolina one. It was more nutty and had some other flavour I didn't recognise. None of the pastry were too sweet, unlike some other ones I had tried from the city.

I'm going to go back soon and try even more things, especially all the other pastries. I have to try and get the names so I know what is what and can order it in future at other places.


  1. Why does your mum not speak Vietnamese to me?

  2. Because you're not Vietnamese.