Thursday, June 28, 2007

Breakfast - Sweet or Savoury?

I read in someone else's blog about a buffet breakfast they had and whether they should eat sweet or savoury foods first. I can't remember where I read it so I sorry I can't link to them. Anyway, this got me thinking, breakfast seems to be the only meal where you can eat just sweet foods and be satisfied or break the traditional meal rule and eat sweet first and then savoury.

Take for example some of my more indulgent breakfasts of the past two weeks. First we have blueberry pancakes with lots of ice cream and some fruit. Then we have Choc Chip Almond Muffins. Both of these things are very sweet but yet I feel is ok to eat first thing in the morning and be satisfied.

Most mornings, breakfast is not so indulgent and I just grab some bread. Again, I might spread some sweet stuff on it like jam or nutella, or I might put in some salami or ham. It all depends how I feel that day. Sometimes I might eat yoghurt and fruit first followed by some toast with ham. The point I want to make is that sometimes a sweet meal is all you might eat. You would never just eat lots of muffin for lunch, or heaps of fruit alone for dinner. It just doesn't fell totally satisfying when you're really hungry to just eat sweet foods. You need something savoury just to give that complete feeling. I guess people generally aren't too hungry at breakfast so something small and sweet is enough to satisfy ourselves until lunch.

I would say that I would eat sweet foods for breakfast 90% of the time, and only feel the need to eat something savoury 10% of the time. Usually its more a time constraint so bread with a sweet spread is the easiest. However, some days I do feel that I really need something savoury, so it will be some eggs or instant noodles. Which type of breakfast do you eat? Sweet or Savoury, or both in which order?

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