Monday, August 06, 2007

Oyster Recipes

I love to eat oysters. Like most people, I found these slimy things rather disgusting when I was young, but nowadays I try to eat as much as my salary will allow. Recently, I read a post by Derrick about an oyster recipe book. This piqued my interest in trying different toppings for oysters.

Usually, the only way I eat oysters are with lemon and pepper, or a soy based sauce with ginger, garlic, spring onion and black bean. This time, I decide to try a few other sauces. I still ate quite a few with lemon and pepper, as that classic combination of flavours just goes perfectly with seafood and you can never go wrong.

I experimented some oysters with combinations of salmon caviar, salmon caviar with wasabi, wasabi and soy, a Thai lime and palm sugar dressing, soy with ginger, spring onion and sesame oil. They all tasted great, even the ones with wasabi. I like wasabi so my view is probably a bit biased.

Next time I need to try even more flavours, maybe some oyster shots with some form of alcohol or something. Does you have any suggestions of oyster recipes that you like and that I can try?


  1. Lemon with a drop or two of tabasco = pure heaven

  2. I love that photo! Would you believe that I always loved oysters, even as a kid, so I had to pretend I hated them so the other kids wouldn't think I was weird. Thank goodness I don't have to hide my love anymore!

  3. I don't get it Do.
    You can eat Oysters and other seafoods but you can't touch mussels.


  4. Anonymous 1, the tabasco and lemon sound like a good idea. I was thinking of something hot and spicy already. I will try this combo out next time.

    Truffle, thanks about the photo. It only took two shots at the photo to get just the right shot. Usually it takes about ten. You're definitely different to most people in the sense that usually as kids you hate slimy things like oysters. But you can definitely show your love for oysters now.

    Alan, they were very yum. Try some with lots of wasabi, you get a real kick out of it.

    Anonymous 2, mussels make me vomit, what can I do?

  5. Hi...I'll definitely second the lemon and tobasco!
    Also try a drop of miso and mirin for under the grill for a min or so...yum. Think this will go well with your wasabi too. Towser.

  6. How can mussels make you throw up.

    There's less taste in it than Oysters and yet you eat Oysters like you would eat that Korean waitress we saw couple weeks ago.

    We going to the Melba next where you're gonna eat Mussels all night!!

  7. Towser, looks like lemon and tabasco is definitely next on the list to try. I will also try miso with mirin, hopefully I can find some mirin.

    Anonymous, mussels just make me throw up, I don't know why. I hate the smell of them even. Oysters on the other hand, I love. It was you who was drooling over the Korean waitress.

    So when are we going to Melba, I wnat to try that place, minus the mussels of course.

  8. how about a splash of sake, sesame oil and soy topped with some chopped parsley and grated ginger?
    thats sort of what i usually do with my oysters.. except i stick them under the grill for a little bit to warm it up a bit before i dish the sauce on top. kinda like chinese style. :)

  9. oh.. i almost forgot. bloody mary oyster shots. *GRIN*

  10. Iling, I will try the sake one as well. Not sure about oysters in bloody marys? I really don't like tomatos or tomato juice so may give that a miss. I might try some other alcoholic shot though, any shots that people put oysters into?