Saturday, August 18, 2007

Peking Duck

I don't really like duck of any nature, but there is one exception where I can't get enough of it. That exception is Peking Duck. Unless you are very well off and can go and eat it all the time at Flower Drum, the next best option is to make your own I reckon. It's so simple but oh so tasty.

First, you need to go and buy yourself a Roast Duck. Rock Kung in Glen Waverley do a good roast duck. Go there on a Saturday and you can pick one up straight out of the oven (or whatever you call the big thing they cook it in). Then while you are in Glen Waverley, go to the Asian store and pick up some Peking Duck wraps, which are made of flour or something. Then all you need are some cucumber, spring onions, pickled vegetables and hoi sin sauce.

It is then just a matter of steaming the rice paper until they are cooked through. Then peel off each piece and spread a generous amount of hoi sin, put in a few pieces of duck, some of the vegetables and fold together.

Once all assembled, grab it and chomp into it. I don't know what it is about these simple combinations of flavours but I just love it. I ate about 10 of these parcels.

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  1. Again, you express your dislike of my people.

    DUCK YOU!!!