Monday, October 01, 2007

Coal Fired BBQ

I love to eat meat, hence it goes to say that I love BBQs. Gas fired BBQs are good, but nothing beats coal fired BBQs. The flavour of the meat when using coal is just ten times better. It's just a bit harder to get a coal bbq going and then cleaning up afterwards. I think it's worth it though for that extra dimension in flavour and tenderness of the meat.

So I was starting up the little small coal BBQ I have on Sunday. Then it starts to rain, and rain hard as well. Luckily, I was under the cover of the patio. I love watching rain fall, so it was excellent to be sitting under the patio eating my BBQ while the wind and rain was swirling all around me. It was perfect, with the light starting to fade, the trees all swaying and looking up at the purple flowers under the patio.

The beef skewers and chicken wings are cooking quickly on the coal. I love chicken wings the most since the texture of the meat is amazing. It's so smooth and the flavours are wonderful. The skin also adds oil which just keeps it all so moist. As for the beef skewers, they take a bit of time to thread, but worth the effort. The meat remains moist and its so convenient to hold. You just slide the meat off the skewers by gripping them with your teeth.

Here is my chicken wing lollipop which I eat ungracefully and then spit out the bone. As Ellie at Kitchen Wench noted, no one can eat chicken wings elegantly. But for a chicken wing lover like me, looking elegant is the last thing on my mind when I'm chomping down on my yummy chicken wing.


  1. Wow Thanh - it looks like a real hawker style BBQ. I feel like pulling up a stool or sitting in the gutter like I did in Dalat with a squeeze bootle of Viet tomato chilli in one hand and a handful of skewers in the other. Aaaah charcoal grills.....!

  2. Stickyfingers, it's totally hawker style. I was sitting on my little stool right next to the BBQ and when a skewer was done, took it off and ate it immediately. I did smell a bit like a BBQ myself afterwards with all the smoke going into my clothes, but it's a great way to eat meat.

  3. Thanh, you have to teach me how to marinade the meat... the satay look fab. we do alot of charcoal bbq here in brunei.... yummmm.... . lookin at it makes me want to organise another bbq party....

    i sometimes smash up the end of a lemon grass and use it to spread honey and oil on the meat....

  4. Sharon, just marinate the meat overnight with soy, garlic, chilli, lemongrass, sesame oil, sugar and a bit of satay sauce, not the peanut variety but the chilli variety.