Sunday, August 03, 2008

Happy 2nd Blog Birthday

Like A Goddess In The Kitchen, this food blog has also reached a milestone this week, two years old. Woohoo. This blog started out as an idea from Alan of Photo Finish. He said that we should start a collarative group blog across the globe. He suggested that I should organise it as I already had some connections to other bloggers. Hence, I thought about it a few nights as to what to do. Eventually, I noticed that everyone had some food related blog posts, and since that was what I liked too, that food shall be the topic of our group blog. Everyone started off enthusiastically and posted about their food adventures. But soon, the other contributor's enthusiasm waned, and people stopped posting.

In total contrast, I found that my enthusiasm for this blog actually increased as I made more and more connections with other food bloggers. The blog turned from a global one, to a more localised one about Melbourne. The moment I found Tummy Rumbles was when it all really clicked for me. I got advice and encouragement from Mellie, and found that there were so many other Melbournian food bloggers out there. Not only could I make connections with people online, I could also share the same experiences with others in Melbourne who had dined at the same restaurants or visited the same festivals. And to finally meet a few people at Enoteca Vino Bar and then a bigger blogger's banquet was such a thrill.

I've decided to post the photo of the Custard Birthday Cake as a celebration of two years of this blog. I think this cake sums up this blog and myself rather well. The cake definitely wasn't perfect, much like myself and this blog. I did learn a lot from making that cake, such as I have from this blog and all the contributions from other food loving people. The cake contains chocolate, which I love. The cake has hundreds and thousands on it and looks a bit silly and fun, which I think this blog and myself are. The cake is a bit messy, which again describes the blog and me.

Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way, in regards to content, technical issues, encouragement and just being enthusiastic about food. It's been a pleasure to write about food and have feedback from others. May we all continue to keep writing and enjoying food. See you all around Melbourne, eating away. I'll be the one holding a chocolate profiterole in one hand, and a camera in the other hand.


  1. Congrats Thanh!! No your cake is not perfect and neither are you but you are GREAT!!!! Vida x

  2. Seriously Fat Do!!!

    Today you spent your Sunday writing about how your blog reached one year??? A milestone of very little importance.

    All that time you could have worked towards something more important like finding further opportunities which you have been trying for months!!!


  3. Vida, thanks, you're really great too. Can't wait to try your cupcakes, Ms Cupcake Queen.

    Oblviion (has your nickname changed to Oblviion now?), this blog has reached two years thank you. And you reading and commenting on my blog is helping you how to find more opportunities? Or are you going to rely on university drop outs who know nothing about your industry and keep asking you the same questions to help you find something? Hmmm, please consider.

  4. Happy Blog Birthday!!

    xox Sarah

  5. Awww...thanks Thanh! Glad to have fueled the food blogging fire for you :-)

  6. Happy blog birthday, Thanh! :)

  7. Fat and Stupid Do,

    I rely on these 'drop-outs' to find me new jobs just as much you rely on whinging and whining like Real George about how you should get 10/10 for your performance review.

    Consider that Fatty

  8. A very excellent happy birthday to your blog! Keep the profiteroles comin'! Congratulations Thanh:)

  9. Happy Birthday to your blog!

  10. Duncan,

    That's not good advice.

    Profitroles are not doing Mr. Do's waistline no good.

  11. Happy blogiversary, Thanh! I've particularly enjoyed reading your baking posts, I think you've covered a greater distance in the last couple of years than many cooks do in a lifetime.

    It's been fun meeting you in person, too - it's added an extra dimension to the way I read your words. :-)

  12. Fat and Stupid Do,

    Have you noticed?

    Our Anonymous friend hasn't made any comments on this post or any other for that matter.

    I was just waiting for what he would say in this one

    e.g. Thanh has it REALLY been 2 f**king years of pathetic blog... or something like that.

    Well looks like the storm has died down. You should be reliefed and rejoiced.

    Now shout your mates to Long Grain.

  13. Happy bloggy-birthday :-)

  14. Sarah, Agnes, Phyllis, Maffy, thank you all.

    Mellie, thanks for your encouragement at the start that really got me going. And for all those links to other Melbourne bloggers that's really made this all the more fun.

    Duncan, a big big thanks for all your baking advice. And that violet macaron, now I have to chase perfection.

    Oblivion, I'm working on my waistline. It shall be smaller soon.

    I don't care whether Anonymous comments or not. I'd welcome his comments as long as they're not abusive and crude.

    I'll shout you to Longrain if, and only IF, I get a substantial pay rise.

    Cindy, I've really enjoyed my baking experiments. Most have turned out better than I expected. It was great to meet you and Michael too. You know your blog is one of my favourites to read. I don't really get all the vegetarian food, but I love the easy writing style that you have.

  15. I'm a little late to the party, but congrats on the two year anniversary, Thanh! It's been great meeting you at the food blogger get-togethers :)

  16. good workd dude on reaching a year on any blog.

    how do you attract randoms to your blog so well!?!?

    Your traffic must be going through the roof!

    This reminds me all of the XKCD comic, esp this one:

  17. blogspot moderator VIC8/04/2008 1:03 PM

    a l a n,

    your comment just now is considered SPAM.

    Please cease.

  18. Opps.. i am a little late for this.. but HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY, Thanh!!! keep up the good work ;-)

  19. Claire, it was great to meet you too. Your women's weekly cake book stories were really funny.

    Alan, I think a lot of people come to the blog via Google. Some are regular readers, the other Melbournian food bloggers.

    There isn't really that much traffic through this blog. It's a very small blog in the scheme of the Internet.

    That comic is really funny. I looked through a lot of the archives. It's like Dilbert, very insightful.

    Blogspot Moderator, I'll decide what is Spam on my blog. Your comments may be considered Spam as that don't add anything of value to me.

    Jin, thank you it's never too late.

  20. blogspot moderator VIC8/04/2008 4:09 PM

    Oh really FATTY?? Is that so?

    I suppose our Anonymous Chef friend's comments are more valuable to you.

    What is valuable to you anyway apart from lard?

  21. Blogspot Moderator, did I say the Anonymous chef comments are more valuable to me. Some comments of his are valid. I have learnt that I should do more research on matters to make sure I have the correct information.

    I also consider your comment about writing more interesting things as useful. But some of your comments are useless and repetitive. People already know I'm fat, so why the need to keep saying it. :-)

  22. Blogspot moderator VIC8/04/2008 5:26 PM

    yeah but they really need to know HOW FAT

  23. not as fat as you i'm sure

  24. blogspot moderator VIC8/04/2008 10:48 PM

    Hey Stupid wanna bet you life on it.

    Oh wait... that's not even worth the trouble winning

  25. Hey gorgeous!

    Happy blog birthday!!!

    We GOTS to catch up soon!

  26. Congratulations Thanh!!!

    You've successfully wasted two years of your entirely pointless existence on this earth!!!

    Three cheers!!!

    Hipip HOORAY!!!
    Hipip HOORAY!!!
    Hipip HOORAY!!!

    Did you miss me?

  27. "But soon, the other contributor's enthusiasm waned, and people stopped posting"

    Maybe the other contributor's wanted to disassociate themselves from you and this complete and utter waste of cyberspace!!!

  28. Oh, happy blog anniversary! But I much prefer reading your friend "anonymous'" comments - is he or she going to become a permanent part of your blog spot? I certainly hope so!

    That cake is certainly an eyeful - and very gorgeous! I hope to see a blog about the taste and presentation of it in your next writing spree!

  29. PG, we have to catch up soon. Maybe we can eat hot pot at the place in Glen, near the train station.

    Anonymous chef, hooray to me. I'd like to thank The Lord, my saviour, and my parents for supporting me through it all. I'd like to thank my manager, Eddie McEverywhere, for such great guidance. And finally, I'd like to thank all the Anonymous commenters that have been such loyal fans and made this blog what it is today.

    Anonymous, there's always the permanent Oblivion who has been with this blog from day one. You can find his comments and my replies to them all over many posts. Whenever Anonymous chef sticks around for long is unknown still.

    I've written about that cake previously. Just click on the link in the post about the custard cake. I made the cake for a friends birthday a while back.

  30. a l a n

    you may be fat but you ain't Thanh Do Fat.

    That's 10 leagues above your fat

  31. Belated happy blogiversary! Interesting commenters you've got.

  32. Thanks Neil. Yes, some very interesting commenters indeed. It's all fun though.