Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sarah and Sandra's German BBQ

The lovely Sarah from Sarah Cooks had a Christmas (of sorts) BBQ where I got an invite. I have resisted joining Facebook so I had to confirm with Sarah that it was a real BBQ and not some fancy Facebook virtual BBQ. How 1990's am I?

Sarah was having a BBQ with a German theme, with the help of her German friend Sandra. Here they are on the picnic rug in the garden.

And here's Sarah doing her best Nigella impersonation. Marvellous!

There was lots of food, and I forgot to photograph half of them once I started eating. I forgot to photograph the German sauges, minute steaks or the fantastic tasting Bourbon Chicken Wings.

I did remember the food already on the table. There was a German Potato Salad, which had speck in it.

There was Organic Ham, Green Salad, Coleslaw and another salad I forget.

She made this mini Christmas Puddings from leftover pudding. How cute are these, and addictive too.

The Plum Cake was a good way to finish, as it's slight sourness help revive us all. It was served with cream, from a can! Everyone has their guilty secrets.

And look, who do we have here tucking into the plum cake, none other than my baking mentor himself, Duncan. By the way, I thought I was ultra clever and brought a Stollen for Sarah to match her German theme. But mentor Duncan had to upstage me and bake a Stollen himself. Some people, they need all the limelight hahaha (you know I'm joking Duncques).

It was very enjoyable BBQ and I met lots of new people. Sarah's food was excellent, as was the Sangria. Thanks for the invite Sarah, if there's any more BBQs, I would only be too happy to attend.


  1. Would you believe me if I said I'd planned Stollen for Christmas long before I knew I'd make it to the BBQ? No? Sniff :(

    Thanks for not using the scary photo of me that I think you have hidden somewhere:)

    Good report on Sarah's BBQ, I must say:)

  2. Omg Thanh, your photos are SOOOO much better than mine, and so is your blog post!

    The shame, the shame!! :)

    Oh, the other salad was Malaysian achar - like spicy chilli pickled carrots/cauliflower/cucumber/peanuts etc.

    Thanks for coming!

    To everyone out there, Thanh makes an AWESOME guest! You should definitely invite him to your BBQ's, dinner parties, etc etc. :)

    xox Sarah

  3. Duncan, I believe you........NOT! Your Stollen was good, not ridiculously sweet like most Christmas cakes.

    I'll save the scary photo for a rainy day when I have nothing to blog about.

    Sarah, my photos are ok, you haven't seen all the blurry ones.

    I make an awesome guest? What does that mean, that I ate all your food with joy and abandonment? :-)

  4. Hey Thanh, just back for my trip and bought you some violet essence (I think)... the confusing part is it says grape then violet in brackets so who knows what it is but at $1.80 Singapore I thought it would not be a great loss if it turned out to be no good!!! Vida x