Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ten Year Wedding Anniversary Party

I can't say I've been to many 10 year wedding anniversary parties, but I never refuse a party invitation. So when Hien and Trung invited me to their ten year wedding anniversary party, I said yes please.

We all chipped in money and I looked for a present while I was doing my annual Boxing Day sales shopping. I settled on buying dinnerware as that's practical and useful. I was looking at getting a set of Maxwell Williams dinner set. Then my friend suggested I buy the really good looking Villeroy and Boch plates that were on sale. I always thought Villeroy and Boch were ultra expensive but when I saw the prices, I thought it was a bargain. The plates were beautifully hand painted ones and really nice. So I went and asked the sales lady (I was in David Jones and these posh looking older sales ladies were just doing things slowly and chatting amongst themselves) for help. I literally had to cough to get their attention. Anyway, I asked her to help me grab a box of plates, small plates, bowls, cups and saucers. Then she asked how many of each I wanted. I said the box, because isn't that how they are sold. She actually told me the price was for each ONE. Oh my gawd. I just thought some over excited person decided to stick prices all over the boxes for fun. She told me each price tag was for one plate in that box. Freak me. I told her to put all the plates back, coz I couldn't afford that. So it was back to the nice Maxwell Williams plate. I liked the final parting snobbery from the sales lady. She told me the plates were made in Germany and of very fine quality, and that the prices were for each, but very fair. Ok, when I'm a millionaire, I'll come back for them thanks.

So here is Trung and Hien opening their Maxwell Williams plates. They loved them as it had purple flower motif on it, Hien's favourite colour.

For dinner, we were having beef cooked at the table and then rolled in rice paper.

Here is the beef and also some sticky rice to eat beforehand while we waited.

It was then a matter of piling on the meat, mint, vermecilli and rolling it up. Then dipped into the fish paste sauce and straight into the mouth. We ate until near bursting, saving just enough room for the Moet & Chandon champagne. I just love good champagne. And just for the record, if you ever hear me pronouncing Moet as "Mo'wett", I'm saying it right. Read this article which explains it all clearly. It's "Mo'wett" and not "Mo-aye" (as I used to say it) or worse still "Mo-ey". Now I have to put on my snobbery and insist you say Mo'wett. Hahahaha.

Congrats to Trung and Hien for ten years of marriage. May they be happy for another fifty.


  1. Hey Thanh,

    Lol I have no idea why the ladies at DJ's would need to be so snobby, ah wellz.

    I totally love champagne too.

    Congrats to your friends on their anniversary!

    xox Sarah

  2. Sarah, it must be a pre-requisite when working at the homeware section of DJ's to have an air of snobbiness.

    Isn't champagne just such a festive drink.

  3. How very Pru and Tru LOL

  4. How very Pru and Tru. LOL

  5. Hi Thanh,

    Can you please tell me the Vietnamese name of this dish. I ate this dish at a Viet restaurant in Richmond with a Viet friend once, and he ordered it for me. Been trying to get the same one, but since I don't know what it's called, have had no luck.

    Thanks :)