Thursday, May 14, 2009

Masterchef - Top 19 and Top 18, Pathetic

As Dave "Hughesy" Hughes would say, "I'm angryyyyyyyy!" Masterchef is really pissing me off. Just when I thought it had turned a corner after the Top 20 round and got back to basics, it's done another about turn and totally pissed me off.

So after the Top 20 round where the losing team voted one of their members out and got me really mad, the Top 19 round was back to the basics of cooking, with the contestant with the worse dish being kicked out. Linda was eliminated because her Tarte Tartin was the worse dish. Fair enough, this is a cooking show.

But what have they gone and done again, got the teams to vote each other out. The Top 18 elimination is so fucking ridiculous, I wanted to hurl something at the TV. Brent, who had just won the invention challenge and done a commendable job again Martin Boetz from Longrain, was voted out when his team lost.

Firstly, Brent didn't chose to be captain, he was elected by the show. At least on The Apprentice, the contestants nominate themselves to be captain knowing the risk and possible reward. If their team should win, they are free from elimination for the next round should they lose. However, in Masterchef, the winning captain gets nothing more than the rest of the team. But should they lose, the captain is obviously the biggest target and scapegoat.

The reasons given by Sam, Kate, Michelle and Trevor were pathetic. Being captain means making decisions, but it doesn't mean the captain can control every single aspect of everything. The team need to back him up too and execute the actions. If you have all agreed on a set of actions, when you then lose, you can't retrospectively say that it was the wrong fucking decision. What a bunch of wankers. Brent was clearly starting to do well in the competition and could cook, whereas someone like Aaron has not produced any good dishes yet.

This has really put me off Masterchef and as many other food bloggers have said, Channel Ten has once again dug into the bottom of the barrel and tried to appeal to the lowest common denominator.


  1. I couldn't believe Brent has gone either, a lot of credibility went out the door with him. How is it that someone who can so obviously cook well, be sent home, when there are so many others who really struggle? Can you imagine Aaron winning and coming out with a cookbook?

  2. Geez you're taking this show pretty seriously aren't ya. I suspect its format is licensed. But just to throw grease into your fire, not making their own mayo is pretty unforgivable... :) Btw you haven't stopped eating out because of MC have ya??

  3. Neil, isn't it such a shame that one of the better cooks leaves because of the way this show has descended into yet another popularity contest.

    Towser, I take my reality TV very seriously hahaha, I'm a reality TV junkie. Definitely not making mayo was bad, but was that clearly Brent's idea or everyone agreed on that?

    I still have been eating out so much, just haven't had time to blog it. I even have a meal from Vue de Monde to blog from about two weeks ago.

  4. Oh I'm so glad I'm not around to watch this shit. it was clear they were going to make something foul out of it when it was announced that the show would run for so many nights a week. Pooo.

  5. I'm not convinced about the format, but the master classes on Friday nights are good and the Sunday night challenges are entertaining.

    As far as Brent being voted out, I think the mayo was the reason they lost and as "captain" he probably should have put his foot down and forced the team to make it. That's not to say that the format works.

  6. I'm starting to think I'm happy I never seem home to see this. Reading about it on your blog, and on others, is enough for me, I think!! I had such high hopes for this show.

  7. I stopped watching because of Matt Preston, I didn't realise how much of a wanker he was until this show.

    But I agree with you, this has become survivor, where strongest/best players ger voted off, and the biggest weasel wins...