Monday, June 08, 2009

Masterchef - Top 14 to 10

So I'm well and truly back on the Masterchef bandwagon and watching it closely. I still hate the group voted eliminations, but at least that's only ever second elimination.

From my last post where Julia won the celebrity cook off, it's back to more challenges.

A supermarket cook off where the losing team had to vote someone off saw Josh go. His supposed "kiddie mafia" aliance with Kate and Sam were not sitting so well with some people, hence he was made the scapegoat and voted off. I don't think it was the right decision but again, it's what the team voted.

An invention challenge to cook steaks saw Tom, Sam and Trevor in the bottom three making Sticky Date Pudding, the classic 80's dish. Supposedly their dishes were all so good that none of them deserved to be voted off. Rubbish! The show's just dragging out for another week because Nic left the show himself. If I was one of the other contestants who were safe that week, I would really feel peeved off. But such is the nature of reality TV that you have to expect some curve balls. At least they haven't bought back voted off contestants yet.

I'm really loving the celebrity cook offs. At first I thought it was a real gimmick to advertise various restaurants but all the celebrities have been really helpful to the contestants and taught them things. The fact that Julia won just makes it even more interesting. Chris did a good job again Alex Herbert, as did Justine against Guy Grossi.

A lost challenge at the Sydney Show saw team captain Kate voted off, voted herself off. How silly is that. I know there's such a thing as being humble, but isn't this taking it too far. If I was in her shoes, there would have been no doubt in my mind, I would have voted Sandra off. I would be there to learn more and to hopefully win the whole competition.

After winning the mystery box challenge with a delicious looking lemon cupcake, Julie stuffs up the invention challenge badly and finds herself in the bottom three with Aaron and Sandra. When the challenge dish is revealed to be paella, well, you would think that only two people had a chance of being voted off as Sandra is of Spanish heritage. Finally, Aaron's luck ran out and he was gone. I don't think he has done a really good dish all show and it was probably time for him to go.

Trevor suffered the same fate as many team captains whose team lost the challenges. Again, as I reiterate, the team captain is not self volunteered and carries all responsibility but no reward. Trevor's choice to use bait as part of the dish backfired badly and he was voted off.

Finally, the Top 10 cook off was between Poh, Chris, Julie and Tom as they did the worse in the pairs challenge. I can't believe how Poh managed to pull it out. She looked gone for all money and about to give up. Whereas the other three looked to be going great and yet faltered at the last step. Making a croquembouche is tough when you have two days, as Sarah wrote about. To never do it before and have to complete it in over 2 hours is unbelievably tough. The fact that they all managed to at least present something was very commendable. Unfortunately, Tom's efforts were deemed the worse and he was gone.

It's starting to get to the business end of the show. Unlike Idol or So You Think You can Dance, I haven't really gotten behind anyone. They all seem to be nice people but no one has really captured me yet. If I had to put money on someone, I'd obviously put my money on Julie as she is learning so much each day at Peter Evan's restaurant. I also think Chris has a good chance. Two dark horses could be Poh and Lucas. With the pressure constantly increasing, we'll start to see who can handle being a chef and who can't.

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