Saturday, August 01, 2009

Good Food and Wine Show 2009

I had first heard about the Good Food and Wine Show last year after reading it on various blogs. By the time I read about them, it was over, and I had vowed to go this year. As it turns out, I was sent some free tickets by Johanna Scott at Stellar* Conceptas Australia, thanks Johanna.

I dragged (ok I didn't really have to drag, she pounced at the invite) my food loving friend Nelly along to the show. Our mission, which we chose to accept, was to sample every single thing on offer and grab as many freebies as possible. I think we did ok, but after talking to some other friends, I feel I still have much to learn in the art of spotting freebies.

There was a lot of alcoholic things to try. I loved the Appletons Rum cocktails and Finlandia Vodka cocktail, but my favourite cocktail was definitely the Midori and Sake cocktail from the head chef from Maedaya restaurant.

There was so much going on that you get an overload of your senses. The pizza judging looked to be taken quite seriously, amongst the eating of pizza of course.

I loved the salami on offer and myself and Nelly bought some.

There were so many sweet stuff to tempt you as well.

We also went through the wine and beer area, sampling lots and lots drinks. Basically, by the end, we were both a bit tipsy. I had been to a lot of the wineries on display at the show, but I was particularly impressed with the huge selection of boutique beers being made, particularly ales. We also spotted Mark Wilson from Dancing With The Stars fame spruiking one of the wines. And for the record, that's definitely a hair-piece.

After eating and drinking our way through the show, we headed off to Steakout in Crown to have some more food. We both got steaks. My rib eye wasn't as flavourfull as I wanted, but still good.

Nelly insisted that we had to have the Ice Cream Fantasy. I like my ice cream, but this was soooooooo much. It turned out that most of the ice cream wasn't that good, but we still ate it, as you can see from the photo below.

I had a great time at Good Food and Wine Show and will definitely go back next year, brining my A-grade "grab as many freebies" game next year.

Thanh attended the Good Food and Wine show as guests of Johanna Scott and Stellar* Concepts Australia hahaha. I've always wanted to write that.


  1. Ohmy, that is a mountain of ice cream. Scary! You guys did pretty well.

  2. It was definitely a lot of ice cream and I can't believe we ate so much of it. It actually wasn't that great. I think it was that we needed some sugar after walking around at the food show all day.