Friday, July 30, 2010

Photography Friday #1 - A Winter's Day In Melbourne

I've always loved taking photos, but ever since I got my new DSLR, I've loved it even more. The camera and lenses have allowed me to capture the scene the way I visualise it in my head. Inspired by Anh's wonderful "A Moment In Life" photos, I've decided to post some of my photos too. I'm hoping to post photos every Friday to hopefully (occasionally) provoke some thoughts about life, love and everything in between for you to take into the weekends.

My first post is entitled "A Winter's Day In Melbourne". It shows some sights around my home town of Melbourne, with the typical backdrop of grey skies.


  1. GORGEOUS photos!
    Very professional :)

  2. Look good!! Show us more pics! :)

  3. Thanks everyone. Going to hopefully post photos every Friday.