Monday, July 05, 2010

Afternoon Teat at "Das Haus von Sarah und Sandra"

I got an exclusive invite to attend an afternoon tea at "Das Haus von Sarah und Sandra". I even got to bring along a guest. So on a nice sunny afternoon, we had a nice, refined, classy Afternoon Tea Party.

The main hero was going to be scones, but I was totally taken by the cucumber sandwiches. I don't particularly like cucumber sandwiches, and at first, I was hom hum about them. But by the second bite, I was hooked. The pickled cucumber with dill was sandwiched between buttered and cream cheesed white bread. It was such an amazing combination that I ate quite a few, despite having to attend a birthday party that night. The beautiful biscuit roses de reims were a great addition to Sarah's concotion of Champagne and Green Tea.

The scones she made from Belind Jeffrey's Mix and Bake turned out looking like what I managed to make when I used that recipe. It tasted fantastic but failed to rise as high as you would want from a scones. We had them with strawberry jam and cream, but I also suggested doing a fancy restaurant type plate up. It actually looked quite good and not too out of place in a semi-high class restuarant.

Ling also brought some fluffy Rhubarb and Blueberry Souffles with a nut struesel.

It was an excellent tea party and thanks to Sarah and Sandra for hosting it.

EDIT: Agnes has pointed out the Freudian (?) slip in the title. It's so funny and I'm that childish I'm going to leave it.


  1. I just have to tell you that the post title says "afternoon teat". It gave me a giggle when I saw it (childish, I know!)

    Looks like a great afternoon tea and I really like the plating of the scone!

  2. Hehe, I'm laughing now. I might leave it, it's so funny.

    It was a bit of fun to plate it that way. Wanted to see if we could do one of those fancy type plates with something so simple.

  3. Hey Thanh,

    Glad you enjoyed our Teat! HEHEHEHEHEHE.

    Your photos look amazing too! Great work! I especially like the ones of building the scone.

    xox Sarah

  4. Sarah, yes the teat was great hahaha. We're so childish.

    The scone building photos are only good due to the great scones and the hand model who's building the scone.