Saturday, November 05, 2011

Christmas In July

Christmas. What does it mean for most people? Celebration of Christ, reconnecting with family, exchanges of presents, a time to review the year that's passed. Well for me, Christmas definitely means food, and lots of it. So imagine the wonderful idea of Christmas in July. A perfect excuse to eat indulgent food and drink lots of alcohol.

So when Agnes and Kat decided to have a Christmas in July party, I was there. Others to come along were Kat, I-Hua, Adrian and Celeste. My post on this wonderful gathering is so late that it's now relevant to use a guide for food ideas for the real Christmas. See, I knew what I was doing.

Our wonderful Christmas in July hosts, Agnes "Nigella" Sporkette and Kat "I don't want my photo on any blog so take MiniKat instead" Spatula.

We decided to go all traditional food for this event. That was fine with me, as it meant wonderful meaty items like Roast Pork with Crackling, Turkey Drumsticks and succulent Roast Chickens. Look at the beautiful butt on that chick.....en hehe. I'm available for hire as a comedian for any parties or corporate events.

If you must, you can have some vegetables too. Red Cabbage with Apples, Carrots in White Sauce, Minted Peas and "the Devil's vegetable" Brussels Sprouts disguised in bacon bits. Lastly, maybe you can try some Roast Potatoes baked in duck fat. Technically that's still a vegetable right? Yummmm.

If you're a talented cook like Agnes, you can also make a wonderfully delicious chestnut stuffing that you can serve as well. Look how enticing all the food looks. Wash downs all the amazing food with some egg nogg and mulled wine, or any alcoholic beverage of your choice really.

If all your efforts don't go so well, just douse it all in alcohol and set the food on fire. It's sure to make it delicious.

Huge thanks to the wonderful hosts Agnes and Kat. I hope the real Christmas meals are as good as this one.


  1. YUM! All the food looks so good! AND wow! at the amazing dessert!! :D

  2. Jesus I can't believe you posted that photo. :p


  4. Vien, everything was so yummy.

    Michelle, one day I want to try a bombe alaska.

    Agnes, you look great in that photo.

  5. Hahahahaha, I saw that photo of Agnes in my RSS feed and KNEW that this would be a funny post :P ;)

    Thanh, you crack me up! I'm not sure I'd hire you for 'parties or corporate events', though... Haha!

    All the food looks awesome as usual! That bombe christmas pudding looks awesome, though! Did you make that, or did you just free-load again? xD (jokes, I swear!)

  6. zomg look at that flame go! i wanna do something like that too!

  7. Note to self: don't ham it up for the camera when Thanh is around. :p

    PS: you can call me Nigella Sporkson.

  8. Bianca, I'm going back to my old blogging style of geeky humour and less "professional" writing.

    I pretty much free-loaded for that event haha. I made boozy egg nogg only. Agnes and Kat did most of the cooking.

    Sugarpuffi, setting that pudding on fire was so much fun.

    Agnes, yes Ms Sporkson, anything you say.