Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Giveaway - Bodum Glass Teapot and Glass Cups

As I wrote in my post for Dahon Tea Lounge, there's a severe lack of tea lounges in Melbourne. While Melbourne is well known for it's coffee culture and you could visit a different cafe each day for a year and drink a great coffee, you would be hard pressed to say the same for tea for a one week duration. As I'm Asian, I really love my tea. And by tea, I'm not talking about Vanilla Creme Brulee flavoured tea. I like my tea to be from actual tea leaves that I put into a teapot or cup and taste of the real leaves. I love Asian teas the most. Give me green, red, black, white and flower teas any day. I drink 2-3 big glasses of tea every day without fail.

When I was asked by Kitchenware Direct if I wanted to road test any Bodum kitchenware, I gladly accepted. I picked a super funky glass teapot and double walled glass tea cups.

Let me start with the teapot. It's a really fine glass teapot, so looks amazing. It holds 4 cups of tea (about a litre I think) and has a stainless steel strainer with a plunger, like a coffee infuser. The strainer forms a seal with the pot, and the plunger forms a seal inside the strainer. What this means is that you can put the tea leaves into your pot, and when it has gotten to the concentration you want, you push the plunger down and it seals around the tea and stops it brewing. Genius. I don't like super thick tea so I really love this feature. But you know what the best feature of this pot is, IT DOESN'T FREAKING DRIP. Seriously, I've lost count of the number of times I've cursed at teapots because they dribble more than a 6 month old baby. How hard is it to design a spout that doesn't drip. I mean, I've seen it in some pots so it's definitely possible.

To drink the tea, you can use the double walled glasses. They are all hand blown so there's a unique look and feel to every glass. I love how they look and the double walls really do work in keeping them cool enough to hold when there's hot tea in it. I also use them to eat yoghurt and ice cream. I guess if you really must, you can use them for coffee too.



Thank you for your wonderful entries. I've learnt the following from everyone

* I don't want to be near Vivian when there are animals around
* A lot of you seem to have fears based on bad childhood experiences
* I now know the word "scandalicious"
* I think Georgia and Karen are even more accident prone than I am
* Kim can spell her way through a tap dance
* I don't ever want to be stepped over by a cow

After all of those fun stories, the random lucky winner is....Agnes.

So here's the deal. You see the teapot and two glasses in the photos, well, you can win them.


How do you enter I hear you asking loudly? As I love finding out more about people and their weird ways, just post a comment below and tell me anything about yourself. One random winner will be drawn.

For example, you can tell me how you hate traffic light car windshield washers, or tell me about how you placed 1st in your grade 4 chess tournament, or that you were once on Deal or No Deal. Oh wait, that's all me. Tell me something about you.

Make sure there is a way for me to contact you, either via Twitter, a blog or an email. If you don't want to publish your email in the comments, please email me at and let me know which comment was yours. If I do not hear back from you after 2 days upon contacting you, I will redraw the prize.

Conditions of Entry
- One entry per person.
- Australian readers only.
- Competition closes Wednesday November 23rd 9pm AEST. The winners will be announced on Thursday 24th and published on this same post.
- I will contact the winner directly to inform if you have won.

Thanks to Kitchenware Direct for providing the prizes.


  1. I still remember all the words to the "Deep Deep Trouble" rap from the Simpsons - even though it's been about 17 years since I last heard it. x)

  2. Why does the competition closes on Wednesday September 23rd 9pm AEST? Does that mean next year since today is only the 16th of November?

    Something about myself would be:

    I love eating! I crave for food all the time despite getting fatter and fatter everyday!

  3. Thanks Judy. Ooops my mistake. That's what happens when you cut and paste from somewhere else. Fixed the date now.

    Competition closes Wed 23rd November.

  4. I have the glasses! I will buy the pot too.
    I love tour blog!

  5. Hehe I saw Sept as well but then my window froze so I force quitted and now it's Nov :) *happy dance*

    I don't seem to have much luck with animals/insects (excluding my dog). Been chased by a bulldog, had a cockatoo nip my finger, bitten by a huge ant, stung by a bee and worst of all stung by a wasp 4 times on my right buttocks T_T It was during a hiking trip and my friend in front knocked over a wasps nest..

  6. OMG A teapot that doesn't drip!!! GODSEND!!

    I hate lizards. Particularly geckos. I once stepped on a geckos tail when I was 5, and it's been a nightmare since. Yuck!

  7. Something about me, my favourite word is "scandalicious".

  8. I just had an amazing holiday in Egypt & Jordan!

  9. I have a mortal fear of having my glasses fall in the toilet, so I always take them off before I go ^^"

  10. Not many people know that i'm a leftie. haha. :)
    There, now you know it. :)

  11. I once met the queen when I was 15 years old on exchange in England- my best story to tell, still, to this day!

  12. I want I want and commenting on anything right now is torture because work computer is so freaking slow!

  13. Something about me.. Hmm.. Well, I'm a terrible procrastinator. For example, I'm studying for my exams next week, but I am procrastinating right now as the hope of winning a glass teapot/cup set is much more exciting :P

  14. I can't really drink coffee - it makes my heart palpitate, but you probably already know that. Def prefer tea over coffee - green tea is my fav!

  15. Wow, I looove the double walled bodum cups, so elegant! They have ones at a store near the local supermarket, where they're personal sized and have their own strainer, so you can take it out and re-use it as much as you want/need to! :) Perfect for one!

    Photographing Jellyfish is one of my favourite things ever. I love going to the aquarium and attempting to capture them on my camera. :D

  16. Hmm...what can I tell you?
    Well, the last three times I have signed up to participate in "fun" runs I have had to pull out for increasingly dramatic reasons. First, I fell off my bike and scraped/bruised myself badly only days before. The next time I paid to run, I realised that the event was scheduled on the same day as an MBA exam. Finally, I fully blew my ACL just prior to the last scheduled run, requiring a full knee reconstruction. I'm somewhat scared to ever give these events another go...

  17. Teapot and cup sets from Bodum..I must enter!

    Something about me that you might not know...i've been a quiet follower of your blog for a while! I also scare of looking at the ocean at night...i found it is too empty and give me chill :)

  18. Ah, that post had me laughing out loud. Bit tricky at work! ;)

    I really must comment more on your blog, as I do enjoy your musings. You often make me hungry!

    Something you may not know about me? I grew up in a zoo in New Zealand, I'm a junior spelling bee champion and won the Open Tap Dance competition at a dancing competition. I was briefly South Island tap dance champ! :)

  19. Comment on behalf of Karen who emailed it to me

    "I’ve had a golf club swung across my face, tore ligaments on my ankle, received 5 stiches across my head from a volleyball pole… there’s something you didn’t know about me!!"

  20. I love to tea.. Drink tea all day at work.. What about me that you did not know? Not sure as you know too much about me .. Hihihih

  21. I agree. Melbourne definitely needs more tea houses.

  22. i love tea, but lately i've started drinking coffee again, ok i started with a mocha, i know it's weak but hey you gotta start somewhere right? i love food and will eat almost anything except anything i keep as a pet, it just doesn't seem right. What else? um, i'm in hong kong right now and that weather is really crap, it's friday night and i'm about to go eat some of the best ramen in the world, outside of japan that is ;)

    oh and that teapot is so adorable but sturdy at the same time! must must have :-)

  23. I'm a PhD student in Economics, who drinks way too much coffee and am trying to switch to tea now! (or at least have a bit of a balance here.)

  24. I can't cook but I love eating.
    I have a habit of rearranging things on the table when I eat out. I am short but I love wearing flats. I am addicted to ebay. I hate my job.
    I have a fetish for pillows and when I was 6 I was stepped over by a cow.

  25. I went to uni with you (although you probably don't remember me!), and now I regularly stalk your blog for great food ideas!

  26. Thank you for giving out such a fabulous prize!

    Something (weird) about me:
    I love eating lemon/lime wedges they serve in drinks/on side of the plate in restaurants. What my friends find the weirdest is that I eat the skin too :s but I can't help it, it tastes so delish! >.<

    Best regards

  27. A teapot that does not drip :O well that is special! And about me - I ride a bright orange little scooter to work :)

  28. I saw Fellowship of the Ring at the cinema on boxing day, when it came out, again the day after, and several more times after that...

  29. I have "GO SKATE" inked across my toes to remind myself to stay fit(ish) so i dont put onto much weight with all the rich food i eat

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Love making (and eating) deserts.....trying to perfect a consistently good macaron,

  32. oops, i was googling for Post Deng Cafe & clicked your posting - omp, detail. Now, I have 15 mins to tell you about myself in order to win the tea pot & glass cups. Pressure is on.

    I used to be very clumsy. I ran & fell down. I crossed the road & got knocked down my motorbike. I would never able to pick up food with chopstick, thus I used to be skinny & under weight. Thank goodness, after arriving in Melbourne, we used fork & spoon here.

    Hope you like my story.