Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I Eat Blog Magazine Monthly

All my dear readers, I'm so excited to announce the launch of my new magazine, I Eat Blog Monthly. For only a low price of $6.50 an issue, you can learn so many things about food. In this month's issue, we have all the secrets to tasty chocolate salty balls. Once you try them, you'll never want any other balls. We also interview celebrity singer Britney Spears, and find out why she's such a She tells us when she first started being a and gives the secrets on an easy tart. Which leads us to this month's reader competition, to find Australia's easiest tart. The winner will get to tour Australia for free and help spread the tart message. Lastly, as strawberries are in season, we find 57 ways to tart up your life with them. In some of the ways, you even get to cook them into a dessert.

So subscribe today and receive a year's subscription of I Eat Blog Monthly (11 copies per year as I'm on holidays during Christmas) for only $78. That's a special price for my wonderful readers today. You can pay all at once or in two easy installments of $40. You can pay with bank transfer, Paypal or credit card. Note that there is a fee on all payment options of 5%.

So without further ado, here is the cover of this month's I Eat Blog magazine.
My chief designer Iron Chef Shellie designed this cover with a photo that was taken by yours truly, editor, photographer, writer and stylist, Thanh Do.

I hope you will enjoy the magazine.

Thanh Do - Editor


  1. Love the work!!! You and Shellie should totally start a mag haha. Oh, and you forgot to mention that the editor also happens to be the baker and tester of all recipes haha!

  2. Is it possible me (people in Hong Kong) can also subscribe to your magazine?!!! So looking forward to this!!!

  3. Hehehehe. Do friends get a discount? ;)